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Montreal-Born New York Based Artist Mimo Drops New EP 'Mars Took Over'

Mimo is a Montreal-born and New York based music artist. When it comes to music, flowing and witty poetry, Neo-Soul — with an alternative R&B feel may be the closest terms to define her sound. Mimo’s style is a blend of heartfelt music and story telling, reflecting her essence: something she casually calls “Street Jazz.”

Mars Took Over” is a first time collaboration with Automatic Records (NJ) featuring producers from the east coast. This body of work is an ode to her duality and fluency between singing and rapping. Every song is embodied by a facette of the artist, showcasing her identity unapologetically. The project displays the intricacies of a Montreal girl living in New York, brushed with themes of loss, solitude, empowerment and discernment. When Mars takes over, it means that you fully welcome who you are and stand in your power.

Mimo reps Harlem and the 514 on the daily. Trained as a musician, actor and dancer, her work revolves around the tremendous powers of the body. Juggling her love for performing arts, Mimo evolved through choir singing, violin classes, drama circles and dance practice.

Fluently moving from an art form to another, she was featured as a singer and actor in a rendition of the play “Cheap Hugs” by Annick Lefebvre, presented at the Hudson Theater Guild. Her role landed her a nomination for “Best singing act” of the 2018 New York WinterFest.

After dropping her first EP “Bittersweet” (2016), the artist released a few singles and remixing Soyouhim’s “LuvMe. (Cheeto puffs), making it his most streamed song. ‘Papa Was’ and ‘Harlem Flat’ followed as singles from the "Street Candid" album, released in 2020. This infamous year also set the stage for her 4-song ‘Shellshock’ EP.

Automatic Records:


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