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Moby Shares 'In Your Heart' Remixes From Paul Woolford + Carl Cox (Featuring Gregory Porter)

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Lindsay Hicks.

Multi-platinum selling singer, songwriter and producer, Moby, shares In My Heart remixes from acclaimed British DJ’s Carl Cox and Paul Woolford.

In My Heart is one of 15 iconic Moby tracks written or recorded in New York between 1994 - 2010 orchestrally reworked for his recent 20th studio album Resound NYC, released through Deutsche Grammophon.

On working with Carl Cox and Paul Woolford, Moby said, “‘one of my favorite things is to send multitracks of a song to legendary remixers like Paul and Carl, and then happily listen to the magic they’ve created’.”

Paul Woolford said, “I’ve been playing Moby’s records since the start in 1991 so when he asked me to rework In My Heart with Gregory Porter I immediately said yes. Furthermore, I wanted to contribute a Special Request version of the song that almost floats as a beatless ambient version, so there’s a mirror image there along with the main PW mixes. Thanks Moby!”

In February Moby launched Resound NYC with In This World featuring Marisha Wallace, which was followed by Walk With Me, featuring Lady Blackbird, Extreme Ways featuring Dougy Mandagi (Temper Trap) and South Side featuring Ricky Wilson (Kaiser Chiefs). Other guest vocalists include Margo Timmins and Amythyst Kiah.

In My Heart was originally featured on Moby’s 6th studio album 18. The orchestral rework features an uplifting gospel choir and opens with beautiful, sweeping strings.

Resound NYC is the follow up to Moby’s acclaimed album Reprise (May, 2021), which featured guests including Kris Kristofferson, Mark Lanegan, Jim James, and Skylar Grey.

The music pioneer’s 20th studio album reflects perhaps the most defining era in Moby’s musical life, from his former home and birth place New York City. It was there he began his music career playing in punk rock bands, and dj’ing at underground clubs in and around New York.

After dj’ing and touring live through the 90’s, in 1999 Moby’s breakthrough album Play became not just a commercial success but a global phenomenon. He had already enjoyed hits with ‘Go’, ‘Feeling So Real’, and his version of the ‘James Bond Theme’, and had been asked to remix everyone from Michael Jackson to Freddie Mercury, but the smash hit Play changed everything. As we entered a new millennium, he turned electronic music on its head.

“Before I discovered punk rock, I grew up with classic rock,” says Moby. “My first concert was Yes at Madison Square Garden in 1978. So it was super compelling revisiting my songs and seeing whether they held up with a more traditional, non-electronic, orchestral approach.”

With Resound NYC, Moby reconsiders not just the evolution of his own work, but also a time, a place, and even a transformation in our world:

“When you think of the ‘90s,” he says, “Bill Clinton was President; the rave scene was this utopian, idyllic world; the Soviet Union had ended; climate change was just an idea for a book that Al Gore was going to write. Back then, making music was this celebration of the potential that our world had, that our culture had. And now it’s almost a refuge in an at times terrifying and apocalyptic world.”

Moby is a multi-platinum-selling, multi-award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, author, and animal rights activist. He has been a vegan and vegan activist for 35 years. He has recently released – and given away for free – his directorial debut Punk Rock Vegan Movie, a passionate and stylistically idiosyncratic look at the ongoing relationship between the worlds of punk rock and animal rights. It includes interviews with some of the biggest names in punk and rock history. Last year Moby launched his new record label always centred at night, with the aim of doing something uncompromising – to make music that is emotional, atmospheric, and potentially beautiful, showcasing voices from across the world. Since its inception it has featured collaborations with Gaidaa (transit), José James (ache for), Akemi Fox (fall back), serpentwithfeet (on air) and Aynzli Jones (medusa), with collective streams of over 15m across platforms.



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