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Minneapolis-Based Monica LaPlante Releases New Music Video For Hit Single 'Compression'

Keeping the garage in garage rock, Monica LaPlante's fuzzed riffs and frank lyricism lay bare while they grind into your psyche like a steel-toed boot into wet cement.

Feeling over-worked and underwhelmed as a waitress in Minneapolis, Monica LaPlante used the Covid-19 pandemic as a chance to untangle the weird web inside her mind.

Compression is an encapsulation of bottled-up anxiousness and uncertainty. Set to vintage drum machines, 70s Funk bass lines, and whacked-out synthesizers, it’s easy to believe The Minneapolis Star Tribune crowned LaPlante the Quarantine Rock Queen.

Laplante says of the song, "I wrote Compression in what now feels like an alternate universe. When my world is slowly closing in to just become my apartment. I feel like Areca Roe really captured this when we were filming. Everything takes place in a room the size of my apartment at Squirrel Haus Art Gallery in Minneapolis, MN. Which, fun fact, is down the street from Prince's house in Purple Rain. I really like the colour red, so it wasn't difficult to gather household items that would really add a colour pop. We hung various black and white wallpaper samples to make it appear like I was in a surreal world. In reality, I have black and white striped accent wall in my apartment, so it really seems like an exaggerated version of me struggling to keep up with chores while the world is burning."


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