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Minneapolis-Based Dynamic Vocalist & Performer Preston Gunderson Releases New Album 'Fall'

Photo Credit: Dan Branovan.

Dynamic vocalist and performer Preston Gunderson has captivated an ever expanding fan base in Minneapolis and beyond with his heartfelt, and passionate performances.

Gunderson has been a fixture in the Minneapolis music scene for 10 years. He started his career early at the age of 15 playing in the bars of Northern Minnesota, a place known as the “Iron Range.” He has since forged his songwriting and performances to captivate his audiences.

His music has evolved through the years from his early pop sensibilities to a more introspective and thought provoking songwriter. He has a simple way in which he brings hope even to the most heartbreaking songs.

Fall is the catharsis to a 6+ year relationship ending. From heartbreak and disenchantment to a hopefulness and reflective stance on both the past and future. The album moves through many complex emotions to finally get to a place of acceptance and being honest with oneself and addressing some of the errors and shortcomings along the way while celebrating what once was. Working with a super team of producers and musicians that includes Greg Schutte, Isaac Levy, Chris Furst, Kevin Gustonguay, Ian Martin Allison, and more, this album showcases his dynamic voice as well as his thoughtful approach to his lyricism.


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