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Los Angeles-Based Vocalist, Producer And Multi-Instrumentalist Cassie Marin Drops 19-Track 'Lil 5i5'

Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Cassie Marin is sharing her much-anticipated 19-track album, Lil 5i5.

Growing up home-schooled with busy parents and older siblings that had flown the nest, Cassie spent a lot of time accompanied solely by her imagination. Splitting into other versions of herself helped her survive in the solitude, but when she reached a certain point in her life, this split persona seemed to catch up with her. These other personas had grown up into adults along with her — if there truly even was an original version of her — and they had become incompatible with each other. In this elemental friction, her new album Lil 5i5 is born.

Throughout the album, Cassie tells stories that span her lifetime and acceptingly gives a turn to each side of her that wishes to speak to the other. With her insatiable genre-bending sound, the 19 songs carry listeners along a scenic and ethereal journey of acceptance, love, transformation, pride and self-reflection.

Lil 5i5 promises an immersive trip through a world that refuses to settle into a single landscape. From lively tropics, to brooding ocean-sides; from ethereal forests, to asphalt metropolises; the album has a place for everyone to get lost in for some time, to dance, sing, learn something about themselves and be heard.

Cassie Marin is a Los Angeles-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Constantly exploring new musical and visual dimensions, Cassie has emerged as an avant-garde luminary in the left-of-center pop space. Combining layered and forward-thinking electronica production with catchy melodies, poetic lyricism and her distinctly saccharine vocals, she has carved out a sonic lane all of her own.

Since making her debut in 2016, Cassie has released two EPs, ’S.O.S’ (2018) and ‘Love Me Well’ (2019), and one full-length album, Plastique Days (2018). Over the years, she’s amassed millions of streams across her repertoire and praise from tastemakers like TikTok, Ones to Watch and EUPHORIA.


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