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London-Based Bottleneck Visionary Geiger von Müller Takes Us On A Cosmic Cruise

Bottleneck visionary Geiger von Müller takes us on a Cosmic Cruise!

The London-based slide player has released a new video and single, 'Cosmic Cruiser', from his album 'Slide Sonatas II.' The moody, melodic instrumental blends Blues-Roots-Western-Ghost traditions with von Muller's trademark six-string experimental flavouring.

The new video is a sonic and visual voyage into the realms of the subconscious, where boundaries of musical imagination and childhood daydreams get blurred. The video director is Boldizsar CR.

The 2023 album 'Slide Sonatas II.' was released as a sequel to last year's volume one of the same moniker. It's a collection of acoustic slide material, spanning blues-roots vibes from more melodic tracks, such as 'Cosmic Cruiser', via more orthodox delta-blues-inspired ones, to some which have been described as "lowdown, dirty swamp blues throbs" (by Blues In Britain magazine). The album is available in digital and CD formats from Bandcamp.

Geiger von Müller is a London-based experimental slide guitarist who has been releasing a unique blend of ambient, conceptual protest audiovisuals since mid-2018.



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