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'Little One' Has Seattle Rock-Blues Artist Sami Chohfi's Heart in New Single

By Eric Alper.

Sami Chohfi has lost his heart, and he’s asking her where she’s taking it on his new rock single, “Little One”!

The Extraordinary World singer-songwriter from Seattle mashes up rock and blues on his latest offering; an exciting sonic journey through love and love lost…

Expertly spinning the yarn on a familiar fable of falling for and failing to reckon when it falls apart, Chohfi’s exquisite lyrics, delivered in his signature rasp and undeniable singing prowess, bring a modern flair and uniqueness to the track’s unrequited love story.

“‘Little One’ was written while watching an episode of one of my favourite TV shows, AMC's The Walking Dead,” Chohfi reveals. “I was watching a woman devour her lover and it got me thinking, ‘wow, this is a lot like a real relationship…’”

Marrying fact with fiction, Chohfi spins the tale on the ups and downs, craziness, and realities of relationships. The track features a variety of flair including ukulele, a 1960’s vintage piano solo, and a cameo by Kellii Scott (Failure) on percussion. “I wanted to write a catchy blues rock song with a unique vibe inspired by the one thing that inspires us to be at our most crazy, love,” Chohfi says.

Paired off with a visual component, the music video for “Little One” brings Chohfi’s story to life… Or, rather, ahem, to death.

Featuring an undead cast of characters for a Zombie-apocalypse-esque mini-drama, Chohfi’s unique double entendre is spelled out in his creativity to tell a tale. (‘Where are you going with my heart, Little One?’ he croons both figuratively, and in this video, literally.) Our protagonists make a quick stop at a gas station where the lead actress becomes infected. From there, her unassuming partner is seemingly ignorant of her venture into the land of the dead and, as she slowly descends into making him her next meal, the world around them is falling further into the hell flames of a full Zombie take-over.

“The intro features the voice of legendary radio personality, Marco Collins, over the car radio,” Chohfi explains. “We hired makeup artist Christina Kortum, who worked on the American TV show Grimm and is currently working on the new season of American Horror Story, to ensure the special FX makeup was top notch.

“The song and video tell the story of a romantic relationship that is not only infectious but consumingly toxic in all the right ways,” he continues. “Sometimes we find ourselves in love with the wrong person but, for some reason, we love the way it hurts and we keep coming back for more.”

“Little One” and “The Awakening” both serve as Sami Chohfi’s latest singles and, with the world slowly regaining its footing after a multi-year pandemic, the songwriter is venturing out on tour overseas this winter.

No zombies allowed.

While singer/songwriter Sami Chohfi is based in Seattle, he is undeniably a modern citizen of the world. Known for his charismatic stage presence and ability to captivate a live audience his debut 2020 solo album, Extraordinary World, tells a story written across six countries. From his journeys across the globe to tours with his band Blue Helix across Brazil, Chohfi’s songwriting takes a 90’s Seattle upbringing and spins it with musical influences from alternative rock, folk and acoustic blues rock.

Extraordinary World showcases Chohfi's ability to inspire his listeners by transporting them into the majestic scenes he’s witnessed over the past few years, whether in Cambodia, France, India, Kenya, or The Philippines. Sami's music videos “The Awakening”,"This Majesty & "Dirty Your Soul" were all recently featured on the Rolling Stone. As of October 2021, Sami has toured Brazil 4 times and is heading back August of 2022. He has also toured in the USA, Cambodia, Armenia, India, Japan and the Philippines.

His new singles “Little One”and “The Awakening”are currently on rotation on over 100 FM radio stations across Brazil. Sami will also be touring India in November of 2022.


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