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Light Up Live - Live Event Community

It's not only musicians who have been struggling during the pandemic, so many people work in the background to make sure the entertainment industry delivers the best possible shows for us to enjoy, sound people, stage hands, video technichians, lighting technicians, riggers, managers, publicists, promoters, bar staff, venue owners and booking agents to name a few.

On Tuesday September 22nd, 2020, an hour after sundown, the Live Event Community are asking technicians, suppliers and venues across the Canada to light the night red – raising awareness for an industry that is still dark as a direct result of COVID-19.

Workers who have been affected in the industry say it best ....

Lawrence Gowan of Styx defines the industry and calls Canada to Action

It's our responsibility to set positive examples, new standards for safety so we can resume connecting the most talented artists on this planet with those that are inspired by them

~ Kayt Lucas.

If you work behind the scenes in some of these venues we salute you, we love you stay strong ~ Micheal Williams

We are still in the dark, We were the first to be shut down and we will be the last to recover ~ Autumn Coppaway

There are a lot of people that need the support of the government both here in Canada and in the United States ~ Lorne Wheaton

Visit for more information on how to support your Live Event Communities on September 22, 2020, across Canada. For more information on the Global impact of COVID-19 on the entertainment industry, search #WeMakeEvents

#EclaironsLesScenes Mardi prochain, le 22 septembre 2020, une heure après le coucher du soleil, nous invitons tous les techniciens, fournisseurs et lieux de spectacles, d'un océan à l'autre, à illuminer la nuit, tout de rouge, afin de sensibiliser la population au fait que notre industrie est toujours plongée dans le noir dû à la COVID-19.

Pour plus d'information sur comment vous pouvez faire votre part pour les communautés de "Live Event", à travers le Canada, ce 22 septembre 2020, visitez le site

Pour de plus amples renseignements sur l'impact global de la COVID-19 sur notre industrie, tapez #WeMakeEvents ou visitez le site.


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