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Legendary Québécois Band Beau Dommage Release Remixed Version Of Their Classic Debut Album

Legendary Québécois band Beau Dommage releases a completely remixed version of their classic debut album Beau Dommage, which originally came out on December 9, 1974 and broke sales records at the time.

The pivotal debut album has been remixed by Ghyslain Luc Lavigne at Studio Treatment Room in Montréal with full approval and participation from the original band members. The new version of the self-titled album features the previously released remix of “La complainte du phoque en Alaska”, which was recently named the #1 song in Québec’s music history by Journal de Montréal, in addition to all the songs that made us fall in love with Beau Dommage, including “Le picbois”, “Tous les palmiers”, “23 décembre”, and others in a way we have never heard before.

The new version of the album is available in multiple formats, including CD and digital album. Two vinyl editions are also available, including a 180-gram black vinyl edition, and a deluxe edition pressed on white vinyl packaged with a lenticular cover that also includes a special limited-edition lithograph newly created by one of Québec’s most famous illustrators, Réal Godbout. Both the CD and vinyl configurations include new liner notes, lyrics, and photos from the band’s archives.

Beau Dommage is considered Québec’s biggest-selling superstar band. They have achieved multi-platinum sales awards, have been recognized with a Canadian Postage Stamp and were inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2017.

This anniversary project celebrates the group's first album, Beau Dommage (originally released in 1974) which broke sales records at the time. The next year, their following album Où est passée la noce? reached Platinum (as awarded by the CRIA before May 1, 2008, 100,000 units) on its first day of sales. The group enjoyed considerable success on its yearly tours of Europe between 1975 and 1978, and performed on numerous occasions in Québec and the rest of Canada.

The group disbanded in 1978 and reunited in 1984 to perform three times and produce a live album. They reunited one last time in 1994 to produce a second self-titled album Beau Dommage and tour Québec and Europe in 1995. They showed up during the 2005 Francofolies in Montréal when many artists decided to honour them.

On 19 July 2013, Canada Post issued a first-class commemorative postage stamp depicting the seven members of Beau Dommage. It sold in booklets of 10, or as part of a souvenir sheet of four alongside Rush, the Guess Who, and the Tragically Hip. Beau Dommage was also honoured in Le Blues d’la Métropole, a musical based on the band’s songs, and Le monde est fou, a show by the legendary Cirque du Soleil paying homage to their lyrics and music.

In 1995, Beau Dommage won the Félix Award for Group of the Year, presented by ADISQ. They were nominated at the Juno Awards in 1975, in 1976 for Group of the Year and Best-Selling Album, and in 1996 for Best Selling Francophone Album.


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