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Justin Champagne Drops "Let's Roll" Friday Dec 18th

By Pati deVries.

Country Boy Livin’ Music and Justin Champagne are proud to present "Let's Roll," the 4th single and follow-up to viral sensations "When I Pull Up," "Number to Heaven," and "Swervin'." This collection of songs and others have paved the way to the February 12th release of Champagne's hotly anticipated debut album, Doing My Thang.

By combining a variety of different sounds and marrying country melodies with straight-up rap, Justin has created something new: a boundary-breaking genre that showcases not only the depth of his influences but his versatility as a songwriter, storyteller, vocalist, and rapper. The New Iberia, Louisiana native simply writes songs about what he knows; big trucks, back roads, and parties in the woods.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Justin was the recipient of some CMT love, appearing on the homepage of This is the 2nd time that he has graced their website, the first, a weeklong stint for his heartbreaking video "Number to Heaven." "Number to Heaven," made wildly popular by CMT and TikTok, was released in late August and had a 600% spike in streams, landing it on the iTunes Country Charts at #23.

To top off a banner year, Champagne made Rolling Stone's Breakthrough 25 Chart, a massive achievement for an unsigned artist. This comprehensive chart highlights rising artists of all genres, offering a preview of the most significant artists of tomorrow. It ranks the artists who see the biggest gains each week in audiostreams, the most reflective metrics in today's musical landscape.

Justin attributes a lot of his success to TikTok, having gone viral with several of his other videos, such as "BackRoads," which currently has over 7 million views. His song, "When I Pull Up," was picked up by TikTok influencer 420Doggface208 (the man behind the TikTok that recently catapulted Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" back into Billboard's Top 5) subsequently, the video has amassed over 1 million views with 1.1 million streams on Spotify. Needless to say, Justin is a big fan of TikTok, "I feel it's easier to connect and get real feedback from my fans, just real people reacting and sharing, I find this connection inspiring."


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