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JUNO Award-Winner Angelique Francis Conveys Strength And Triumph On 'Train Coming' + Tour Dates Announced

Angelique Francis

As she combines authentic blues, soul and gospel influences with smooth, rock-infused electric guitars, JUNO Award winning artist Angelique Francis delivers a captivating performance on her new single “Train Coming”. The first single to be released ahead of her new album Watch Me Grow, set to release this summer, “Train Coming” Invites listeners to join along for an exhilarating ride.

Featuring Grammy Award nominated artist Eric Gales on electric guitar, the track opens with Francis’s smoky vocals and dynamic organ playing. She’s soon joined by bass and drums, and the song progresses to become more powerful throughout, expressing the confidence and edge that Francis displays consistently on the single. The smooth bass, organ and vocals of Francis combined with the sultry electric guitar of Gales is a beautiful combination that flawlessly electrifies listeners with its power and soul. Other incredibly skilled musicians on the track include Kira Francis and Kharincia Francis on vocals and Kiran Francis on drums.

As she expresses brilliance, longing and strong emotion on “Train Coming”, Francis embodies the talent and sound of musical greats before her. The passionate belt and craftsmanship of Aretha Franklin, Bessie Smith and Big Mama Thornton are expressed while Francis retains a unique and multi-layered artistry of her own. Within “Train Coming”, Francis seeks to inspire listeners to never give up in the face of adversity and believe in the strength that lies within. Ultimately, the single is a Blues anthem for rising above with slyness, confidence and style.

Won’t be bound by mentalities

Of common conventionalities

The earth, this land, the sky, the sea

They won’t stop me

Having shared the stage with legends such as Buddy Guy, Gary Clark Jr., Beth Hart, and Sugar Ray, to name a few, Angelique Francis is an extremely talented musician that is well experienced across various instruments, genres, and audiences. The Ottawa, Canada native began her music career at 7 years old, starting as a child prodigy. By 13 she was playing festivals across North America, opening for names like Beth Hart, Trooper, and Shameka Copeland, and developed a strong talent for playing upright bass, electric bass, piano, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. A JUNO Award winning singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Francis combines in her music various genres including Americana, rock, Blues, jazz, gospel, and soul.

Winning the JUNO award for her 2023 album Long River, Angelique Francis has made a profound and everlasting impact within the Canadian Blues, soul, jazz, and folk scenes. She has previously hosted Canada’s National Blues Music Awards (The Maple Blues Awards), won 2 Maple blues Awards, has been nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award, 2 Ontario Folk Music Awards, and has graced the stages of numerous Canadian Blues and folk festivals.

Spread my wings and I’m ready to fly

In this town Imma leave behind

The weight, the hate, the fear, the load

Onward I go

There’s a train coming

It’s rolling into town

Yes, I’ll be on it

No, you won’t see me around

Within “Train Coming”, Francis continues to emulate the strength and passion for music that has made her a household name with the Canadian Blues world. A song that is as smooth as it is stirring in your emotions, listeners are taken along a swaying and velvet journey as they’re taken on a Blues rock inspired ride. The Train is approaching the station, hop on board and get ready for the voyage that lies ahead.


May 25, 2024 PorchFest Smith Falls

July 27, 2024 Festival Blues d'la Baie Petit Rocher

July 31, 2024 Martin-Luther-King Park Montreal

August 2, 2024 Cyril-W.-McDonald Park Montreal

August 4, 2024 Calgary Blues Festival Calgary

August 7, 2024 The Royal Nelson

August 10, 2024 Nanaimo Blues Festival Nanaimo

August 16, 2024 Philadelphia Folk Festival

August 17, 2024 Philadelphia Folk Festival

August 18, 2024 Philadelphia Folk Festival

October 9, 2024 Maison des arts Desjardins Drummondville

October 10, 2024 Salle D’Youville Quebec City

October 19, 2024 Irene's Ottawa

Angelique Francis



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