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Junkhouse Celebrates 30 Years of 'Strays' With Vinyl Release And Four Ontario Shows

By Eric Alper.

Junkhouse, the iconic alternative rock band that took the 90s by storm, is thrilled to announce the 30th anniversary celebration of their seminal album, "Strays." To mark this significant milestone, Sony Music Canada has released a limited-edition vinyl of "Strays" and Junkhouse embarks on a special tour with four exclusive show dates.

"Strays" was a game-changer in the alternative rock scene when it was first released in 1993, catapulting Junkhouse to the forefront of the music industry. The album quickly became a classic and has continued to influence generations of music lovers and artists. As vinyl had all but disappeared in the music marketplace in 1993, as a result, “Strays” was never released on vinyl until now.

This limited-edition release will feature the original album artwork, with additional mastered bonus tracks filling out Side 4, in this double disc deluxe package .It's a special treat for long-time fans and collectors.

To celebrate this landmark anniversary, Junkhouse will be hitting the road for a series of exclusive shows that promise to be unforgettable experiences for fans old and new. The band will perform the entire "Strays" album, as well as a selection of their other greatest hits, creating an immersive journey through their incredible catalogue.

"'Strays' was the album that took Steel-Town around the world," says Tom Wilson, leader of Junkhouse. "We are proud of those records and it feels great to share “Strays” on vinyl with our fans. It's going to be a celebration of our music and the good memories we've created together."

Join the band in commemorating 30 years of "Strays" with Junkhouse. Get ready to experience the music that has left an indelible mark on the alternative rock landscape.


November 29 - London Music Hall - London

November 30 - Maxwell’s - Waterloo

December 1 - Bridgeworks - Hamilton

December 2 - Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto

"Strays" was the debut studio album released by the Canadian rock band Junkhouse in 1993. This album marked a significant moment in the band's career as it introduced their distinctive sound to a wider audience and laid the foundation for their future success.



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