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John Allan Slaight, Rock and Roll Radio Pioneer, Media Mogul, and Philanthropist Has Passed At 90

John Allan Slaight was a Canadian rock and roll radio pioneer, media mogul, and philanthropist. From his beginning as an amateur magician to his career spent in radio, Slaight rose to become the president of Global Television Network, president of Slaight Communications, and the president and CEO of Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited, Canada's largest privately-owned multi-media company. Slaight was executive chairman of the board of directors of Slaight Communications and an active philanthropist serving as founder of the Slaight Family Foundation.

He died at his home in Toronto, Ontario on September 19, 2021, at the age of 90

After 52 years involved in radio as a broadcaster, News Director, Manager, Merchandising Director, Program and Promotions Manager, Programming Director, Vice President and President and the "father of rock radio in Toronto," Allan Slaight stepped down as President and CEO of Standard Broadcasting Corporation, and assumed the position of Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slaight Communications, after having created Canada's largest privately and solely owned multimedia company, with annual revenues exceeding $500,000,000 and the employer of 1,500 full-time employees and 6,000 part-time employees.

When asked in an interview what his desired legacy would be, Slaight responded, "I would like to have the company regarded as the finest radio group in Canada with the finest executives and the finest staff.

Slaight has a long history of philanthropic activities in a number of health and arts-related realms. Slaight's ethic of philanthropy was summarized in an interview conducted in 2001. "I've done pretty well by Canada and by Toronto, and I very strongly believe you should give a lot back.

Our Sincere condolences go out to his family.


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