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Jo's Picks Of The Month: December 2023

By Jo Louks.

This article is a regular monthly contribution, published exclusively in the Sound Café magazine with the intention of providing you with information on artists that you might not have heard of, but I think are truly worth exploring further.


Calum Scott was born in 1988, he is in a English singer-songwriter. In 2015, he competed in the contest Britain's Got Talent. He preformed his version of Robyn's hit "Dancing on My Own" and received the golden buzzer, from no other than Simon Cowell, now that says something!!! After finishing sixth in the contest, he released his version of the single a year later, which went to number 2 on the UK singles chart and also became Britain's best selling single in the summer of 2016.

Scott later signed with Capitol Records and released "You are the Reason" which is included in his debut album Only Human, which rose to number 4 in the UK, now with over a billion streams.

In August 2023 he released the single "At Your Worst", Scott shared, "This could be a song reassuring someone that you'll love them no matter what, but its also a song to yourself".

Scott is a mental health advocate and donated all the proceeds from a live performance in support of Mind for Mental Health Awareness and Suicide prevention.


Michael Rosenberg, better known as Passenger, is an English Indie-folk singer-songwriter. From 2003-2009, Rosenberg fronted a band by the same name. After the band dissolved, he decided to keep the name Passenger for his solo work. He is best known for the hit song "Let Her Go", which is my song of the month, with a little twist. In 2014, the song was nominated for the British Single of the Year, and he received the British Academy's Ivor Novello Award for Most Performed Work.

Rosenberg has released 14 albums, one with the band and 13 solo. Rosenberg's most recent album was released in 2022, "Birds That Flew and Ships That Sailed" done independently, without a record label or a press team. The record release supports Plastic Bank, a social enterprise that combats plastic pollution in the ocean. The album debuted at 35 on the UK chart, marking Passenger's 8th album to enter the UK top 40.

So, check out "Let Her Go" with a little twist from late, featuring none other than Ed Sheeran. What doesn't get better, with a little Ed Sheeran!!

The Sound Cafe's Jo Louks & Stevie Connor.

"My collection of K-TELS playing on my portable candle record player is where my relationship with and love for music of all genres began. It continued throughout my life, from going to concerts through to my more recent luck in being involved in an album production, from studio recording to mastering. WOW! What an experience, and from it I've gained an even greater respect and appreciation for what it takes to make great music!

Couple that with my air guitar acumen, and that of course makes me a consummate professional in bringing 'Jo's Picks Of The Month' to you.

All kidding aside my repertoire of songs is vast and what an honour it is to share my picks with the readers of The Sound Cafe Magazine!" - Jo.

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