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Japanese-Canadian Alt-Rock Artist Garrett Neiles Releases Dynamic, Acoustic to Full Bodied 2000's Era Rock Anthem 'Heaven In My Hands'

Garrett Neiles

Photo Credit: Calyssa Pickles.

Japanese-Canadian Alternative-Rock artist Garrett Neiles offers a refreshing blend of self-acceptance, growth, and musical exploration through his masterful take on the early 2000's era Pop-Rock sound.

As an artist who constantly challenges himself, Neiles has begun to incorporate an acoustic element into his sound, which can be heard on his latest single, "Heaven in My Hands". The vulnerable, acoustic-to-full-bodied song is about recognizing the value of what one has in the context of a relationship, and was released on Friday, April 19, 2024.

As a lifelong student of his craft, the Toronto based artist meticulously brings to life guitar-driven melodies and heartfelt lyrics that lead into anthemic choruses, crafting a sound that balances the nostalgia of Simple Plan, Marianas Trench, and Avril Lavigne, with a dose of modernity. His rare, unique fusion of intimacy and grandeur resonates deeply with audiences, offering both reflective depth and undeniable enjoyment. His consistently sold-out shows and packed performance schedule highlight the demand for his electrifying live performances and the bond he has created with his fans.

Having played on legendary stages including Toronto's iconic Horseshoe Tavern, Winnipeg's Canada Life Centre arena, and the Burton Cummings Theatre, where he later opened for the legendary artist himself, Neiles' live performance leaves a positive and lasting impression on anyone who has the chance to see him.

His sophomore EP, "27", released in late 2023, garnered national acclaim, with features on SiriusXM's "Canada Talks," Exclaim's "Eh List" playlist, and across the CBC radio network. He has performed on Global TV, received airplay on Virgin Radio, and won the Top Entertainer Award at the Winnipeg Nightlife Awards. As a regular volunteer with the True North Foundation, Neiles shares his experiences with mental health through music and discussions with youth program participants, later performing at Bell Let's Talk Day.

Written and performed by Garrett Neiles, "Heaven In My Hands", was produced by Toronto producer, Jon Karkar, who wrote the track alongside Neiles and fellow songwriter, Anwar MacDonald. The cover art for the song was painted by Neiles' partner, Arden Alfonso.

Straightforward, heartfelt, and packed with meaning, "Heaven In My Hands" is both a love song and a tribute to life's abundance, taught through the experience of being in a loving relationship. Focused on uniting his artistic growth and journey of self-acceptance, Neiles' vulnerable and empowering latest song pays homage to the 2000's era Alternative and Pop-Rock sound, exploring and expressing gratitude for what he already has. Challenging himself in a multitude of new ways — working with a new team, incorporating acoustic musical elements, and exploring innovative guitar techniques — Neiles crafted "Heaven in My Hands" as his first single of 2024, dedicated to his partner who helped to show him that who he is and what he has are enough. Beginning with a stripped-down, ballad-like opening, the song evolves into a full-fledged Alternative-Rock anthem with a memorable chorus and an electrifying dose of guitar mastery.

Transitioning seamlessly from falsetto to chest voice, Neiles' vocal talent is on full display, complementing each musical moment with precision and control. For the first time in his music, Neiles performs a guitar solo on the track, overcoming his hesitation to do so and embracing the challenge of showcasing his most trusted instrument in a new way. "Heaven In My Hands" is a song about joy and appreciating what one has, and serves as a fitting soundtrack for celebrating any milestone. Following his introspective sophomore project, "27," which explores themes of craving change and taking action, Neiles continues to evolve both personally and artistically with his latest single, "Heaven In My Hands."

Garrett Neiles

Cover Art: Arden Alfonso.



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