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Italian-Based Australian Native David Place Releases New Album 'Gamblers Blues'

Singer-songwriter David Place was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, and now resides in Bari, Italy with his wife and three daughters. He grew up listening to Rock, Folk, and Blues musicians playing out of DIY speakers from his father’s record collection.

When he was about eight years old, Place along with his brothers - a ukulele, a leggo toy bucket turned upside down for a drum, and his dad's microphone began recording music.

They recorded songs by their favourite artists onto cassette tapes to give away as Christmas presents to family and friends. Place said, “They were definitely badly played but I don't think the singing was too shabby”.

Since then, he has gone on to hone his craft playing in clubs, in Australia the UK and Italy, and recorded five albums along the way. On Place’s previous album, “Pandora’s Box” (Trulletto Records - 2020), he used a Jazz-based backup band blended with his Folk guitar and singing.

In his latest album, “Gambler’s Blues,” released by Trulletto Records - 2022, unplugged, he explores penning his lyrics onto the classic Piedmont Blues fingerpicking styles of Elizabeth Cotton and Mississippi John Hurt -- a notable departure from his previous work, back to Americana roots music. All except two tracks are solo performances.

George Glasser, music reviewer for Jazz Syndicate Magazine said: “Gambler’s Blues isn’t one of those albums that I had favorite tracks to discuss because the fluidity of delicate guitar work behind the lyrics held my attention throughout. Each track is as good as the last. They are simply fleeting vignettes about life and love that leave poignant scenes imprinted in your mind.” Presently, Place is exploring penning his lyrics onto an electric Chicago Blues style and has formed a band. Place said, “I want my music to continually evolve and not stagnate into one particular style.”


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