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Irish Singer-Songwriter B.G. McCullough Releases Moving Single 'A Moment In Time' Feat. Intrepid

The new single "A Moment In Time" by Irish singer-songwriter B.G.McCullough, has been released across all digital platforms on September 6th 2022.

The track was arranged via zoom with his song writing cousins in Ontario, Canada, Mary McCann & Scott Hall. It was mixed and produced by Scott Hall, and Brendan McCullough put the beautiful video together to compliment the music track on YouTube.

It's Brendan McCullough's first foray into songwriting as a solo artist, and if this is anything to go by, he has a serious talent for pulling at the heart strings, with a well crafted and arranged song that speaks of coming to terms with the death of a loved one. The accompaniment to Brendan's vocals, guitar playing, and the beautifully placed harmonies are exquisite, it's a contemporary song, but, it sounds and feels like a classic traditional song that's been around forever, that's a remarkable achievement on a first release.

Belfast-based musician Brendan is one of the founding members of popular Belfast band, The Long Stay, he had used his time during lockdown to write some of his own material, as it wasn’t possible to meet up with his fellow band members Brendan Donnelly and Sean McAuley.

Brenda says of this single, ""A Moment In Time" is a melodic song that reflects on the struggle to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. There are some moments in life that mean more to us than others. We store them in our memory or capture them on camera or mobile phone. Precious moments that will live with us forever. When dealing with loss it is these captured moments "A Moment In Time" that help us when we need them most."

Brandan went on to add, "A huge thank you to Scott and Mary in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada for their harmonies, piano and strings, the single would not have been finished without them. Check out their great music at "

Speaking on the songwriting process, Brendan said, “I’ve played in a band for many years, but writing my own material has been challenging and exciting, putting pen to paper to create my own songs, but it has been very rewarding producing and coming up with these new songs.” - Source:

Intrepid's Mary McCann is from Cornwall, Ontario, a city about an hour from Ottawa, Mary considers herself Irish-Canadian, as all of her family are in the UK, and the other half of the duo is Scott Hall, from South Glengarry, a neighbouring county to Cornwall.

You can find out more about Brendan and The Long Stay at the links below.


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