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Ireland's Darren A. Flynn Releases Debut Solo Single 'Mountain Whiskey'

Darren A. Flynn is an award-nominated singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland. Darren (formerly singer with multi-national Americana band Mongrel State) has released his debut solo single 'Mountain Whiskey'.

The track, which was produced by renowned Irish producer Rob MacLeod & mastered at Abbey Road Studios, is an energetic tune about a wily old man who makes moonshine half-way up a mountain, and is based on a real life character from Darren's past. Featuring a heady mix of banjo, drums and electric guitar, it's a rocking hoe-down right from the beginning!

His sound has been described as a modern take on roots-tinged rock n' roll, with influences as diverse as Johnny Cash & Leonard Cohen to Sturgill Simpson and even the likes of Black Keys on occasion. His most recent album, with his band Mongrel State, was produced by Gavin Glass (who has worked with Billy Bragg, Joe Jackson, John Grant & Paul Brady amongst many others) and had its lead single playlisted on national Irish radio (RTE Radio 1).

The album was nominated for the Choice Music Award (the Irish equivalent of the Mercury music award).

He has performed live on National Irish Television (RTE 1), recorded sessions for National Irish Radio (RTE Radio 1) and appeared on many local radio stations:


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