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Introducing The Anywhere's from Melbourne, Australia

The Anywheres are an alt-country duo from Melbourne, Australia. Their sweet melodies disguise the tension & longing for resolution of their lyrics as they tell both sides of the story at once.

They have a new song coming in a few weeks time ahead of their debut album. We feature one of the singles they've released from their much anticipated recording.

As staples of the Melbourne music scene, Rosie Conforto and Dom Italiano share a combined passion to create their own music as well as performing 'anywhere' and as often as they possibly can.

Dom Italiano is NOT a starving artist! Crafting a new song and searching for the perfect lyric is Dom’s antidote to singing other people’s songs for a living. In an homage to Paul Simon or Willie Nelson, a ‘Dom Song’ will often match major-key music to minor-key lyrics (or vice-versa). Dom recently completed his 9th solo record titled “The Hurt Party” and has also supported many great artists including Diesel, Belinda Carlisle, Jon Stevens, Billy Thorpe and more...

Rosie Conforto, with her bright red hair and equally captivating, diverse, powerful voice is addicted to sharing harmonies, blending voices and making a song her own. Rosie has had the opportunity to perform alongside Aussie legends including Normie Rowe, Colleen Hewett, Doug Parkinson and many more...

The Anywheres will release their self titled debut album very soon, they will lure you in and take you on an hypnotic journey of love, hurt & heroism.


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