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iLana Releases New Single Full of Carefully Layered Soulful Vocals and Intricate Harmonies

iLana Armida's latest track ‘Fly’ uses satire to bring a new element of youth to the subject matter she touches on. Carefully layered soulful vocals and intricate harmonies ride on a chilled pop melody. The production lends itself to capturing effortlessly the dilemma that she is facing within the song. How can you stop seeing someone you know likes you when being with them is just ‘Fly”? There is a cheeky youthfulness that will resonate with her audience who don’t take everything so seriously.

iLana is an advocate for mental health and regularly takes breaks from the industry when things get too much. She has often come up against sexism in the industry and has dealt with the condescending attitudes that accompany a young girl making a name for herself. She has a music business degree and prides herself on her savvy nature – not one to be taken advantage of. Something she also feels passionately about is her advocacy for legal THC usage, she has several family members who use it to treat chronic pain. She’s also in touch with the complexity surrounding the issue as she can enjoy the drug on stage with her fans but there are still mass incarcerations for BAME minorities in the prison system. She wants to bring awareness to this issue whilst promoting healthy consumption of THC.

iLana has racked up over 7.6m Spotify streams on song writes, while sonically riffing on her trademark optimistic and joyful vibe. Herself of mixed heritage, she remains ‘ethnically ambiguous’ and draws on global influences resulting in music that transcends restrictions to any one location, promoting a spirit of inclusivity in all that she does. iLana Armida creates art that invites all to be welcome, feel accepted, and have a little fun. She has written music for several popular artists, including Doja Cat, Etana, and Common Kings, and performing alongside Lil’ Dicky and John K, iLana Armida definitely has the experience and know-how to create the next big pop track

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