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Hussy Hicks Release Their New EP ‘Same Boat' And Announce A Suite Of New Australian Tour Dates

The Hussy Hicks new EP is a powerful three-track (plus bonus single) collection that is as meaningful as it is beautiful, accompanied by its own iOS & Android mobile gaming app.

The Hussy Hicks mobile gaming app not only guarantees hours of fun playing time, but is also a certified chart breaker, hitting No.2 on the Apple app charts, beating out Grand Theft Auto, and only narrowly missing out on top stop to Minecraft!

Released alongside the EP today is the third and final track from the EP ‘I Am Not a Dog’, a notable blues number, stepped back in tempo but harnessing the group’s true melding of folk and blues-rock perfectly. with heavy grooves, slide guitar riffs and defiant vocals.

The track is a reflection of the past two years of ‘hybrid captivity’ between COVID and natural disasters, which has destroyed the music industry and a reflection of society’s pronounced bias towards sport over arts. As the music and arts sectors were decimated by COVID, with 20 people gigs not allowed to go ahead and festivals canceled, ten’s of thousands were allowed shoulder to shoulder at major sporting events.

“I am not A Dog’ has been a kind of an outlet valve for all the anger and anxiety I experienced from the complete decimation of our industry and my career path - in particular trying to deal with continual cancellations of gigs and live music events while major sports events were continuing at a rate of knots with 100% capacity.” Said Hussy Hicks’ vocalist, Leesa Gentz.

“So it has somewhat of an anarchist punk sentiment because we’ve all been so contained and so compliant it just felt good to write and play something contrary to that. For me, when I sing the song it’s about not staying in the box, pushing boundaries and gender norms and questioning the things that don’t make sense. A lot of our songs are deliberately positive and uplifting so it was really good on a personal level to just write something super angry - it’s loud, a bit obnoxious and pretty empowering.”

The first track and namesake of the EP ‘Same Boat’ was released alongside the group’s first video game, which sees players controlling an inflatable boat of Hussy Hicks downstream escaping and avoiding a myriad of obstacles.

Ironically in a cruel twist of fate, the first song/game was released on the same day that the Hussy Hicks community was ravaged by the Northern Rivers Floods, which saw the couple lose their house and recording studio to the raging waters, before paddling a kayak to rescue their elderly neighbour from the rising floodwater until further help arrived.

The Hussy Hicks app is the perfect metaverse for music lovers , it not only features tour dates, special insights and band news, but three playable 8-bit video games, one for each song off the EP.

Each game is tailored specifically to its matched song, creating a fun cohesive experience that pairs music and gaming perfectly in unison, and will have gamers and music fans alike returning to cement their place on the game’s leader boards.

The second game released alongside ‘Capitulation’ is a choose-your-own-adventure, as the group road trips to their next festival performance. Players will be able to select their own journey, with over 100 unique narrative paths based on player choices, and 18 different endings offered, including a gig inside a dragon's stomach!

The third game, ich pairs with the new release 'I Am Not a Dog' – sees the Hussy Hicks battling against their perfect antagonist and alter-egos, the Hussy Hacks.


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