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How Do Rock and Pop Meet? Heaven Only Knows – The New Single From Grave Jones

Pop Rocker Grave Jones follows the explosive success of his latest single Smithereens with his most ambitious track yet – Heaven Only Knows. A journey through the 80s rock soundtrack that scored the musicians early life, and later pop influences, Heaven Only Knows grabs listeners and pulls them into a journey they will be hard pressed to forget. With a marriage of infectious melodies and raw, heavy production, Grave Jones is bringing real rock back to the pop charts.

The single heralds the arrival of Grave Jones’ first solo album Heartrage Hotel – a project born against the civil and economic unrest of the artist’s native Lebanon. With lifetimes spent as a model, rock star, philosopher, writer, and in fashion, Grave Jones (real name: Rabih Salloum) channels his anger and optimism in equal parts to create an album as socially important as it is catchy.

Opening with soaring guitars and a punchy, chugging beat that follows throughout, Heaven Only Knows is an immersive sonic journey that exudes emotion from the heady vocals and lyric content. The complex alternative rock tune is one of those songs that sounds like a classic already, with the main vocal line lending to greats Ozzy Osbourne and Liam Gallagher. With a strong, ethereal chorus footnoted by uplifting chorus harmonies and straight to the point ad libs, the track also shows off some immense guitar skill with an incredible solo that flies. Overall Heaven Only Knows shows how well-versed Grave Jones is in creating a stand-out rock tune. It leaves you not only wanting more, but also with riffs that could get stuck in your head for days. How does he do it? Heaven Only Knows.

Heartrage Hotel marks Grave Jones’ long-awaited return to music. Rabih Salloum previously fronted acclaimed electro rock band Slutterhouse, where he shared the stage with acts including The Klaxons, Sleigh Bells, and Super Furry Animals and working with legendary producers Eric Chedeville (Daft Punk, Sebastien Tellier, Charlotte Gainsbourg) and Dimitri Tikovoi (Placebo, Nick Cave, Kill the Young). The band also played festivals around the globe (Liverpool Sound City, Dubai Sound City Stockhold Fashion Week) and MTV 2 and EA Sports sync deals.

Now Grave Jones flies solo with a precise balance of an apologetically rock attitude and infectiously catchy pop melodies. How? Heaven Only Knows…


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