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Hamilton Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Tim O’Reilly Releases Video for his Latest Single

In March and April of 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hamilton songwriter Tim O’Reilly became deeply immersed in a songwriting challenge, putting out a new tune every day for 30 straight days along with a community of musicians on social media. When the fall came around, O’Reilly began re-visiting and recording polished arrangements of those same tunes, and producing unique and stunning videos for each.

Far Out’ is the 3rd release in this campaign, and was based on the writing prompt “island.” Exploring the theme of isolation while maintaining an attempt at levity, the tune is upbeat and fun, featuring a unique arrangement of banjo, didgeridoo, and body percussion. The video is a quirky and fascinating visual that follows Tim as he runs around a world that has started to come undone around him.

"My other releases so far have been pretty serious, so it was important for me to have some fun with this one, and I definitely did.” says Tim. “If I was stuck on a desert island, banjo and didge would probably be the pair of instruments I’d want to be stuck with because they’re such a blast to play. As for the video, I leaned on running pretty hard during the lockdown to help stay sane. Despite it all, I still started to feel pretty loopy at times, and I hope the video captures that."

Self-produced and recorded in his home studio, O’Reilly’s music spans a wide range of instruments, genres, and writing styles. He brings influence from all parts of his diverse musical development, and he matches his musical intensity with his love for word craft.

A member of acclaimed Toronto bluegrass band The Barrel Boys, Tim is an avid freelance performer aswell, and has appeared with a number of other Toronto-based acts, including Peter Graham Band, The O’Pears, AHI, The Andrew Collins Trio, UKAE, and the Delaware String Band.

Tim O’Reilly’s new single is available on Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services, but you should really check it out on YouTube, because the video is great.

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