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Greer Baxter Is The Pop Singer, Songwriter Not To Miss In 2021

Born and raised in New York City, Greer Baxter is the pop singer-songwriter not to miss in 2021. Written and produced by Greer Baxter, “Sleeping on the Couch” is about just that – sleeping on the couch after a fight with the person you love. It’s about trying not to let a fight come between you and keep you apart. Greer’s song-writing takes inspiration from artists such as Regina Spektor and Alanis Morisette, perfectly encapsulating those intimate moments in relationships. Greer fuses this together with an alternative pop sound that liken her to artists such as Lauv and Halsey.

“I wrote this song about suddenly being at odds with the person you love and trying to make sense of it. We've all had a night sleeping on the couch and we wake up in the morning thinking: why would we let a fight keep us apart for the night? It’s about wanting to resolve it before falling asleep and wondering if the other person feels the same.”

“Sleeping on the Couch” follows Greer’s 2019 EP “Bleed”. Greer has been writing music, singing and playing piano from a very young age. Writing songs about relationships and heartbreak before she even understood it herself, Greer has always had a natural talent for song-writing. This inspired Greer to major in poetry in college which led to her meeting Michelle Obama at the White House during poetry month.

“My music therefore tries to connect poetry and melody and that is always my guiding force as I write my songs. I believe words and music can transport you in ways nothing else can. That inspires me and hopefully will inspire others.”


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