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Glasgow-Based Songstress Kate Reid Set To Release New Single 'Caroline'

Caroline is the captivating new single from Glasgow songstress Kate Reid, inspired by the late Amy Winehouse. The single is set for release on Friday 23rd July, marking the ten-year anniversary of the retro-soul icon’s death.

Featuring fierce lyrics on top of a beautiful piano melody, with a powerful accordion accompaniment, Caroline describes feelings of despair and loneliness and the futility of using alcohol to numb the pain.

The track was written by Kate’s friend David McSweeney in a coffee shop in Glasgow’s West End, shortly after the death of Amy Winehouse in 2011. David is a songwriter who fronted the Glasgow-based band Surround for around 20 years.

Kate recorded a slower, more melancholy version of Caroline in 2011 but decided to give it a fresher sound in 2017 when she recorded the final version.

Recorded at Gran’s House Studio, the single features Angus Lyon on accordion and piano, Anna Massie on guitars and Kate’s sister Hazel Reid on backing vocals.

Kate Reid said: “Caroline talks about feeling alone, even when you’re surrounded by other people and the dark clouds that can obscure even the sunniest soul at times. It also explores how alcohol can seem like a good solution to take the edge off those desperate feelings, but in the long run, it really doesn’t help. Having dealt with depression in its many guises for the last 25 years, it is a song I really knew I could sing.

“The songs were recorded a few years ago but I wanted to hold off on the release until they were just right and the anniversary of Amy’s death seemed like fitting and poignant timing. I hope people remember the sheer brilliance of her live performances and the depth of her voice, she really sang from her soul.”

Kate has music in her veins. She was an All-Scotland Accordion Champion at the age of 14 and grew up watching many Scottish traditional performances before forming the successful folk band The Midden with Cat Chisholm, Karen Hannah and her sister Meg Reid.

The band won a Danny Kyle Award at Celtic Connections in 2001, toured acclaimed folk festivals across Europe and supported Snow Patrol at Glasgow’s Hogmanay in 2004 in front of a 25,000-strong crowd.

Kate also runs open mic nights across Glasgow, hosts the weekly Mix Tape show on Celtic Music Radio and authored the 2017 poetry book Balnakeil.

The new single is accompanied by a B-side track Gotta Have You – a mellow, stripped-back track with a warm, hopeful sound.

Caroline will be available to stream and download on all digital platforms from Friday 23rd July 2021

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