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Give Me 'Weed, Wine and Women' Natalie Henry Launches New Single

Newcastle’s Natalie Henry entered 2021 with a bang, successfully crowd-funding a brand-spankin-new album to the tune of $15,000. After recording at Rocking Horse Studios in the Byron Bay hinterland in February, Henry’s debut single, “Weed, Wine and Women”, is being released 23rd April and will be accompanied by a film clip and a Newcastle release show.

“Weed, Wine and Women is my gritty, shameless break-up anthem. Picture day-drunk, alone in a dark room, smokin’ inside ... I needed to put those vibes on this first single, because I spent a lot of 2020 feeling this way after goin’ through a breakup of my own. I didn’t wanna polish up the story tellin’ away from the authentic experience that so many of us go through ...”, says Henry of the new single.

The alt-country track is produced by accomplished Country music heavyweight Catherine Britt, as well as ARIA charting producer Michael Muchow, with the Hussy Hicks making an appearance on backing vocals and harmonica. The film clip, staged at an old motel in Brisbane, Queensland, was directed and shot by Jazmyn Produces.

“From the opening scene steel lick I went into a daydream. Came out drippin’ wet and stinking of a good time, and maybe a tiny bit of regret. This is grand-honky-tonk writ, sung and played with all the trouble and charm that the best has”, says Tim Rogers (You Am I). Shane Nicholson also celebrates the track in his recent review: “Weed, Wine and Women is dripping with outlaw spirit, From post to post, it doesn’t get much more authentic and believable than this. It’s a killer song”.

The album was produced by Country Music heavyweight Catherine Britt (toured and performed with the likes of Sir Elton John and Dolly Parton) and Michael Muchow (of ARIA charting music renown).


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