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Get Ready To Blow Out Your Speakers With The Powerful New Single From Ghost Hounds

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Jay Arcansalin

Get ready to blow out your speakers with the powerful new single from Ghost Hounds, “Last Train To Nowhere. The rock and blues-fuelled track comes ahead of the band’s fourth studio album, First Last Time, out July 28. If you still can’t get enough of the song, you can hear it on Taylor Sheridan’s new TV show, Special Ops: Lioness, out July 23 on Paramount+.

Last Train To Nowhere” comes to life with explosive guitar riffs, complemented by ineffable vocals from lead singer Tré Nation as he tells the story of a man confronting the fact that he lacks purpose, a legacy, and a moral compass. These themes of desolation and unfulfillment are explored further on the band’s forthcoming album, First Last Time. The 10-track album is a masterclass in blues rock, with the band feeling invigorated after touring with The Rolling Stones in 2022.

On the new track, guitarist/songwriter Thomas Tull explained, “That’s one of my favorite songs that I've ever written. I wrote it on an acoustic, and the music just came together. Lyrically, it’s about a guy who’s reflecting on his life. He's gotten older, and he’s had a varied career, if you want to call it that. He talks about laying bricks and doing all these odd jobs. He’s not someone who worked at a company or was a teacher or a fireman that can say, ‘This is what I did with my life's work.’ This guy's life's work was whatever work he could get. And he never settled down, never had kids. So, he's thinking about that last train ride, or whatever metaphor you want to use there, and he's starting to think, ‘I'm not sure I'm gonna leave any legacy at all.’ And what does that feel like? That’s the story of that song.”

Last Train To Nowhere” will also be making its television debut on Sunday, July 23rd as part of Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s new thriller, Special Ops: Lioness. The song sets the tone for a powerful moment in the show, with “Last Train To Nowhere” fuelling the scene’s intensity throughout.

Ahead of the album release, Ghost Hounds will be performing (July 15) at Harley Davidson’s Homecoming Festival, which celebrates the iconic motorcycle brand’s 120th anniversary. The band will be performing at the Milwaukee festival alongside legendary rock acts including Green Day and the Foo Fighters. Catch Ghost Hounds’ set on Saturday, July 15 at 3pm at Veterans Park in Milwaukee, WI!

Ghost Hounds are a rock ‘n’ blues band hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. The band's classic rock ‘n’ roll guitar tunes are the result of both Thomas Tull and Brooklyn native guitarist Johnny Baab, while the driving forces on bass and drums are Bennett Miller and Blaise Lanzetta, respectively. Fronted by lead singer Tré Nation, whose voice was simply made for rock, Ghost Hounds are a modern-day rock band that plays blues-inspired rock in such a way that proves that the genre is not only alive but thriving for the next generation of rock fans. Ghost Hounds have released three studio albums to date. Their debut album, Roses Are Black released in 2019 and generated millions of streams and received acclaim from Billboard, American Songwriter, and many more. In 2021, the band released their sophomore album, A Little Calamity, showcasing the band’s classic rock chops, that included the infectious track and hit single, “Good Old Days.” Soon after A Little Calamity came the band’s 2022 album, You Broke Me, a perfect testimony to Ghost Hounds’s ability to blend classic blues rock with modern influences. The band has had plenty of time to refine their sound on the road, having supported legendary acts, including The Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Garth Brooks, and Bob Seger on tour. Currently, the band are due to release their fourth album with Gibson Records. With the band’s chemistry more alive than ever, we can expect plenty of blues-rock brilliance from Ghost Hounds to come!



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