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'From Our Point Of View' A Series Cementing The Voice Of Black Queer Artists & Activists

Introducing From Our Point Of View, a series cementing the voices, experiences, stories and journeys of some significant Black Queer Male Identifying artists, activists and community members. In collaboration with BGMN (Black Gay Men’s Network of Ontario) and noteworthy choreographer and artistic director, Hollywood Jade (Resident Choreographer Canada's Drag Race), the show comes to life in a profound blend of emotional, interesting and at times humorous anecdotes. Bringing his visionary excellence to life, Executive Producer and Director Robert Ball continues to thrive in his attempt to showcase true authenticity and creative eminence. From Our Point of View blesses viewers with discussions of life, sex, health, art, aspirations and pretty much everything in between! Spilling with insightful glimpses into the lives of a wide line-up of guests, Ball shares, “I continue to step into the authenticity of myself as a human being." Episode 4 takes place with guest Courtnay McFarlane, a Jamaican-born visual artist, curator and poet, whose work has been published in several African Canadian and Queer anthologies!

His performance poetry was featured in Phillip Pike’s 2019 documentary "Our Dance of Revolution" and in January 2021, he curated the TD Black History Month’s Exhibition Joints + Junctions, which commemorated Hogan’s Alley, the disappeared historical Black community in Vancouver, and featured documentary images of Toronto’s Black queer and trans dancehall scene by photographer Rose-Ann Marie Bailey-Thomas.

A long-time activist in Toronto’s Black LGBTQ communities, he was a founding member of groups from the 80’s and 90’s such as Zami, AYA Men, The Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention and Blackness Yes, the organizing committee Blockorama at Pride. In his other life, Courtnay works in the community health sector where he is currently Director, Child, Youth and Family Services at Regent Park Community Health Centre Bringing to life the true artistry and passion they enthral, Jade and company take to the familiar comfort of the “FOPOV” studio. Nance shares, “I fought for who I was all my life. People think that if I’m black, gay, and over 50 theres nothing out there for me.” However, From Our Point Of View consolidates that with the sharing of professional paths, inspirational anecdotes and truly admirable tales, this series is simply and profoundly 'Our' conversations - stories we've never told, sharing our journey and a narrative "From Our Point Of View"...


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