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First Nations Singer-Songwriter NIDALA Drops Ambitious Carbon Neutral Debut EP Colours of My People

Charging onto Australia’s indie singer songwriter circuit comes proud Djugun siren NIDALA with her captivating debut EP Colours of My People. Out today via Bundjalung based label LUSTRE, Colours of My People is an enthralling collection of indie-rock, folk, blues roots and soul that sees the destined artist-on-the-rise nestling in comfortably amongst the likes of Alice Skye, Emma Donovan and Thelma Plum as the scene’s latest leader of Indigenous excellence. The EP features NIDALA’s highly successful singles ‘One Of Those Days’ and ‘Said Too Much’ which have each garnered overwhelming support from community radio and media across the country and beyond. To celebrate the release NIDALA is thrilled to also share the dynamic music video for the EP’s title track, directed by Freya Haley.

The ‘Colours Of My People’ video is an instant goosebump-inducer that features the emotive performances of brainchild Nidala Barker and three First Nations movement masters; ​​Bundjalung poet Ella Noah Bancroft, Barkindji dancer Kirilly Lowcock and Pajinka Wik, Meriam Mer man Waangenga Blanco (Bangarra). NIDALA calls her brothers and sisters together in the Djugun language of her Father, crooning words of kindness, power and pride as they move with the land and waters. The result is a flooring showcase of cultural strength and beauty, and a perfect encapsulation of both the song and the EP itself.

“Filming with Nidala for Colours of My People was a powerful and moving experience. I felt goosebumps multiple times throughout the filming days, and whilst editing watching the frames fall into place. To have been able to assist in translating this message into visual form has been an immense privilege and an eye opening experience.” – Creative Director, Freya Haley


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