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'Fire Canoe' Is The New Single From Canadian Singer-Songwriter Tim Isberg

By Stevie Connor.

Originally from southern Alberta, Tim Isberg is an accomplished singer-songwriter, veteran soldier and multiple Country Music Alberta (CMAB) nominee. From Rwanda to Afghanistan, Tim experienced many personal challenges immersed in different cultures and conflicts, and amid the best and worst humanity has to offer.

Tim is a story-teller whose songs are a blend of well crafted Alt-Country, Roots and Contemporary Folk often under the label of Americana; and on stage, shares them in such a way to make each listener feel connected.

Fire Canoe” is the first single from Tim’s upcoming history-based concept album ‘Prairie Fire’ set in the late 19th Century Canadian Prairies and Western Plains. Fire Canoe is a reflection on the early Paddle Wheel Steamboats and their challenges in navigating on the Prairies.

Fire Canoe is a translation from a Cree name for early sightings of the first steamboats*. The song is told from the captivating and wistful perspective of the Saskatchewan River. The steamboats were eventually surpassed by steam locomotives of the Canadian Pacific Railway; and ironically, the steamboat ‘Selkirk’ delivered Manitoba’s first locomotive to Winnipeg in 1877 which would ultimately lead to Selkirk’s own end along with many other paddle wheelers. *Based on the book ‘Fire Canoe’ by Canadian author and historian Ted Barris. Tim’s successful debut 2015 album ‘Tears Along the Road’ was selected a Top 25 Favourite by Music Canada; his sophomore 2019 album “Running on the Edge” was a CMAB Top 5 Best Album.


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