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Finnish Singer-Songwriter Terika Releases Official Video For Her Latest Single 'Eye For An Eye'

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Toni Rasinkangas

Finnish singer-songwriter Terika (Terhi Karjalainen) has released a new official video for her single Eye For An Eye, showcasing her amazing voice and some stunning visual production. Terika`s début album 77700 got very positive feedback. The live audience was also enthusiastic about this new, strong voiced artist.

The single continues the same musical style that the début album brought, strong melodies and motion picture sounds with deep lyrics. Terhi says about the song without any extra explanation, “Forgiveness, gratitude and faith – be brave enough to take the little step – it`s time for healing.”

Pekka Kähkönen, from Humble House Records in Finland, says, "Ten years ago, this young woman from the Savonia region of Finland decided to become a singer. She took her guitar on her back like a venturesome vagabond, and started touring across Finland, Asia, and Europe, looking for inspiration and some real stories for her songs.

There is an exceptional power in Terika`s strong voice, which leads listeners to the rollercoaster of different emotions. Her music is mainly influenced by the roots of Americana, Folk and Rock music."

Charismatic, cosmopolitan, Terika charms her audience's from the countryside of Rautalampi to the noisy street corners of London. The lyrics & composition are by Terika, and the production on Eye For An Eye is by Totte Rautiainen.



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