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Filippino Singer-Songwriter Zack Tabudlo Kicks Off North American Tour With Stops Across Canada

By Megan Routledge.

Zack Tabudlo is a singer, songwriter, and producer from the Philippines who made his way over to North America for “The Morning Tour” last week. Kicked off in Saskatoon, Tabudlo is also stopping in Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto, along with singer-songwriter Dionela.

“Morning is my nickname growing up,” says Tabudlo. “All my family and friends know me by that nickname so I just feel like it's nice to go back to something familiar in this tour that's why we named it The Morning Tour. I'm extra excited for this tour because I have a bigger entourage, my entire team and my band will be there so it will be chaotic but fun. I’m really looking forward to exploring the beautiful scenes, especially in Canada. It will be a wild show for sure. I’ll be singing more of my hit songs and I really look forward to meeting and interacting with the fans. I'm really grateful for each and every one of you. We’re going to party like crazy so see you all there!”

Additionally, Tabudlo is releasing the first ever deluxe CD of Episode on November 24th. Three exclusive tracks are on the CD, Heart Can’t Lose (Live), Elizabeth (Live) and Binibini (Live).

2021 was a year of breakthroughs for singer-songwriter, and producer Tabudlo. His anthemic singles “Binibini” and “Nangangamba” dominated multiple local Filipino and international charts across major streaming platforms.

After signing to Island Records Philippines/MCA Music in 2020, Tabudlo emerged as one of the fastest rising Original Filipino Music (OPM) artists - breaking records for streaming, digital sales, and airplay.

Tabudlo is very much known for his participation in The Voice Kids Philippines. As the years progressed, Tabudlo ventured into songwriting and music production. In 2020, he joined Island Records Philippines where he continued honing his identity as a musician by releasing songs such as “Nangangamba”, and “Sigurado”.

Episode is a word that gave such an impact to me at times where I was at my lowest,” Tabudlo singer-songwriter explains. “People would say ‘here he is with another episode’ or another stage of problems, where obviously not anyone would want to experience. It’s ironic to put it as an album title but it’s how I went through these stories, with these episodes. Everything is based on personal experiences, from heartbreak and love, from life to unfortunate events.”

The whole album is Tabudlo’s personal masterpiece. He was the sole writer, producer, and even mixed and mastered all 14 tracks. His growth as an artist is very evident in this album as he explored various musical styles in bringing these songs to life - ultimately creating his own sound with influences from pop, R&B, bedroom electronica, punk rock, ‘80s, and ‘90s alternative rock.


*Contact promoter HERE for tickets

November 10 - Vancouver, BC - Chandos Pattison Auditorium

November 11 - Winnipeg, MB - Centennial Hall

November 17 - San Francisco, CA - Fox Theatre

November 19 - San Diego, CA - Four Points by Sheraton

November 24 - Toronto, ON - Global Kingdom Ministries



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