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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Rocking Across Continents - Exploring the Resonance of Jackson Colt's Retro Rock Revival

Jackson Colt

Welcome to The Sound Café, where the beats transcend borders, and the melodies unite nations. Today, we embark on an exhilarating journey with Jackson Colt, South Africa's shining beacon of rock reimagined. From the vibrant streets of Johannesburg, Jackson Colt epitomizes the essence of rock while capturing the hearts of audiences across continents. Join us as we delve deep into their journey, their influences, and their unwavering commitment to redefining the landscape of rock music for a new generation.


Q: Jackson Colt, as emerging emissaries of South African rock, what does it mean to you to become torchbearers for rock music from your homeland and the African continent?


Jackson Colt: We are happy to represent our homeland. Even though the rock scene is smaller in South Africa, we still love to rock out any chance we get. We want to show the rest of the world that even though we are so far away, we can still be a part of the music.


Q: Dale Schnettler, known for his role as the drummer of the iconic South African rock band Prime Circle, has undoubtedly influenced Jackson Colt's trajectory. How has his mentorship, production, and collaboration shaped your sound and contributed to your journey as musicians to date?


Jackson Colt: Dale has been a hero of mine since I was very young. My very first concert was a Prime Circle concert, and he signed a drumstick for my brother and I. Having the chance to work with one of your heroes is an unreal experience. He is my mentor, but he has also become one of my best friends. Having someone who has done everything in the South African rock scene guide you and teach you is so valuable. I am very grateful for everything he has done for the band and the lessons he has taught me.


Q: Jackson Colt's image is often reminiscent of iconic rock bands from the 80s, such as Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe, yet refreshed for modern times. Can you share insights into the visual aesthetics of the band and how it complements your music?


Jackson Colt: Our image is very inspired by the 80s “glam/hair” movement. Growing up watching these bands, this is what a rock band looked like to me. I wanted to incorporate the style and the theatrics that these bands portrayed. They looked Rock ‘n Roll. Our image also draws subtle influence from the gothic aesthetic because our music often includes supernatural and fantasy within our stories. I feel that the image reflects our music because before listeners even hear our music, or the audience sees us before we play, I want them to know that we are a Rock ‘n Roll band. We are here to bring the spirit of the 80s and bring you into our own world of headbanging 80s rock.


Q: ‘80s Rock Reimagined’ is a tagline often associated with Jackson Colt. What drives this fresh angle, and how do you navigate balancing nostalgia with innovation in your music?


Jackson Colt: 80s rock is my favorite style of music. It what feels like home to me. I see blending nostalgia and innovation like it being a pizza. Every song is 80s rock at its core - that is like the plain pizza itself. The modern influences from different genres, recording techniques, ideas are like the toppings on the pizza.


Q: Classic rock bands have a timeless appeal that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide. What do you believe it is about classic rock that makes it so enduring and beloved by fans of all ages?


Jackson Colt: The authenticity of the genre. The is very real. There was nothing processed about the bands. That was how they played the song every time they played it. The music is also very rebellious and catchy. You feel a part of a rebellion when you sing the anthemic choruses these iconic bands created.


Q: The music industry has undergone significant transformations, with traditional revenue streams dwindling. As a band rooted in classic rock, how do you navigate these changes, particularly in terms of adapting to digital platforms and the importance of touring?


Jackson Colt: Using modern platforms for promoting and releasing our music. Social media presence is very vital also. In terms of revenue, touring will most likely be your only income as a band that is working their way up the ladder. The digital platforms and social media acts as a business card to show venues and potential ticket-buyers who the band are and what you sound like.


Q: Jackson Colt's music is infused with a sense of urgency and authenticity that resonates with listeners. How do you ensure that your music remains true to your roots while also evolving with the times?


Jackson Colt: I just want to be authentic and true to my music. There will always be new things being discovered and invented in music. Times will change and it can be exciting to see what the future holds. All I know is that if it feels like me and true to my music, whether it's old or new, I will include it. I just never want anything to feel forced or like I'm betraying my artistic integrity.


Q: Looking ahead, what do you envision for the future of rock music, and how do you see Jackson Colt contributing to the evolution of the genre?


Jackson Colt: Rock music will never die. There is a whole new generation of fans discovering rock music. I am hoping to bring the spirit of the 80s to this new generation and fly the flag of the genre that I love so much.


Q: Beyond the music, Jackson Colt has a strong visual identity. Can you share how you cultivate this image, and what message you hope to convey to your audience through your visual presentation?


Jackson Colt: The visual presentation is inspired by the “glam/hair metal” ear of the 80s. We have also introduced some gothic elements to highlight the supernatural side of the lyrical content in the songs. I wanted to bring the look of the 80s along my journey. To me that, that's what Rock ‘n Roll looks like. It looks different and theatrical.


Q: Can you share the inspiration behind your latest single, ‘Shake Your Body,’ and what listeners can expect from its unique blend of dance and rock elements?


Jackson Colt: I have always used music to deal with my emotions. I wanted to share this with everyone. I wanted to write a song that listeners could get lost in and just dance. Dance to celebrate something with us, dance to numb the pain of something their facing in their life. For the duration of Shake Your Body, I want everyone to feel safe and just get lost in the song. Come join our vampire world and escape reality for a while. The band is here to rock out with you while the dance is here to help you transverse into this “vampire” realm.


Q: ‘Shake Your Body’ infuses 80s rock zeal with infectious dancefloor elation. How did you approach merging these two distinct musical styles, and what do you hope listeners take away from the song?


Jackson Colt: The idea of dancing and tapping into the music is a big theme within the song. I wanted to write a song that people could dance to and escape reality. The influence of 80s dance music really creates that groove that will make listeners wanna move. I want people to get lost in the song and join the band in the vampire world. It's still a rock song but it's one that you can dance to. We merged the two different genres together by the bass and drums of the song. We started with keyboards and synths to brighten up then sound and had an electronic demo version of the song. Then we made it out Jackson Colt Rock sound. I got to lay down the guitars and Matt (our drummer) the drums. 


Q: As your music gains recognition, what guidance would you offer to fellow emerging musicians aspiring to leave their mark on the global music scene?


Jackson Colt: Stay true to yourselves. Don't try being anybody else, because nobody can be you. Tell your stories through your music. If you be authentic to who you are as a person and as an artist, the world will have the very first you, and that will go a long way.



A heartfelt thank you to Jackson Colt for offering us a glimpse into their world of rock and roll magic. As they continue to break barriers and inspire audiences, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in their epic journey. Stay tuned to The Sound Café for more interviews and updates from the world of music and entertainment!

Stream 'Shake Your Body' from Friday 15 March >


Jackson Colt


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