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Environmentally Conscious Minneapolis-Based Singer-Songwriter Samuel Wilbur Set To Release New Album 'The Age'

By Stevie Connor. Photo Credit: Xavius Tran.

Samuel Wilbur, is an environmentally conscious Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter and educator. A high school social studies teacher by day, and rock star by night, Samuel Wilbur has been writing and recording his own music since he was 16 years old. Wilbur’s music, which is over-stuffed with lush harmonies and catchy hooks, delves deep into pressing issues like the global climate crisis and the failings of late-stage capitalism. With a unique voice, Samuel's thought-provoking compositions engage audiences in critical conversations about the world we live in.

Encouraged by the favourable recognition of his 2022 solo Album, Tone Deaf, Wilbur channeled his frustrations with the political atmosphere and lack of action on the global climate crisis into an 11 song album called, The Age. The Age reflects upon living in modern day America as the wheels of late stage capitalism fall off, while we fall further and further behind the urgency of climate action.

Samuel recorded the entire album in his home studio and then enlisted friends Bob Beahen, and Sam Hall to add drums, as well as vocals from six other Twin Cities based artists.

“I wanted this album to be more collaborative and include more voices and artist’s perspectives and interpretations.” The album was mixed and mastered by Fathom Lane’s Matt Patrick at the Library Recording Studio in Minneapolis.

As a result, The Age dives deeper into the South Dakota native’s country and folk rock roots than previous albums. Ditching the synths and industrial sound of 2020’s, No Time Left, in exchange for acoustic guitar, fiddles, and ukuleles. With all of Wilbur’s projects, the album is packed with lush vocal harmonies, bitingly clever lyrics, and instantly catchy hooks.

Many songs on The Age were also inspired from personal events in the last few years. The titular track, The Age, finds Wilbur reflecting on his own mortality, after losing multiple friends to covid, fentanyl, and gun violence in the last few years. Album standout, Take My Hand, catches Wilbur and vocalist Dani Michaele ruminating on what happens after our bodies expire, and how we all got here in the first place.

Samuel Wilbur is not just a singer-songwriter; he is a storyteller, a philosopher, and an artist who uses his craft to explore the intricacies of the human experience and to challenge the world to be a better place. With each album he releases, Samuel continues to captivate hearts and minds, leaving an enduring legacy of meaningful music that will resonate for generations to come.

Samuel's musical journey began in 2002 when he picked up a guitar and started penning his emotions into songs. Hailing from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Samuel honed his craft, finding inspiration in the works of his musical influences, including Wilco's poignant lyricism, Andrew Bird's multi-instrumental prowess, and Jenny Lewis' tongue and cheek storytelling. 

His music blends the evocative storytelling of indie folk with the catchy hooks and arrangements of indie pop. His compositions feature a harmonious marriage of acoustic and electric instrumentation, infused with poignant vocals that carry the weight of his meaningful messages. His songs often serve as both a call to action and a soothing refuge, addressing pressing issues with hope and determination. Samuel's music explores the human experience, offering a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of individuals amidst a rapidly changing world.

Samuel Wilbur's live performances are a testament to his passion for music and his ability to create an intimate connection with his audience. Whether performing solo with his acoustic guitar or backed by a talented band of his friends, his stage presence is magnetic, drawing listeners into the world of his songs.



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