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English Singer-Songwriter Boo Sutcliffe Has Released New EP 'You're The Same As Me'

English singer-songwriter Boo Sutcliffe has released his first EP of 2022, 'You're The Same As Me', which includes four tracks with very different moods and energies.

Based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, Boo writes songs that sit somewhere in the no man’s land between indie, country and folk.

The title song builds from a simple guitar riff into a joyous romp through americana, electronica and indie pop. Award-winning singer Claire Helm joins Boo on lead vocals.

Don't be fooled by the driving rhythms and lively harmonies on 'The Time, The Time'; this is a mournful tale of love gone wrong, with a strong country sensibility.

'A Thousand Things' sees Claire take the lead for a folk-tinged prog-rock anti-ballad with seriously dark overtones and a sting in its tail.

On 'The Last Train', a solitary classical guitar leads us through an atmospheric landscape. Distant drums and shimmering guitars rise through the heat haze, punctuated by Andy Wright’s sweet, lonesome violin and Claire’s beautiful gospel-tinged harmonies.

Crossing an atmospheric indie-americana landscape, ‘The Last Train’ muses on themes of love, familiarity and self-knowledge. “Sometimes, the things we want stretch straight out in front of us, but we don’t see them until we’re already pulling away”, says Boo.

“This song came easily. The main riff steamed off the fretboard at me, lyrics sparking into life as the smoke cleared; guitars shimmered on the heat haze, lighting the way for Andy’s solitary violin and Claire’s gospel- tinged harmonies. Then Carl nailed mix, then master, first time. Everyone just got it and jumped right on board”.

Boo’s debut album Blink (2021) ranged freely across indie, pop, folk and americana, and the critics loved it.

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