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Emerging Scottish Artist Abigail Pryde Releases New Single 'You Are My Heart'

Up-and-coming Scottish artist Abigail Pryde has announced her second single You are my Heart, released today Friday, Jan 28th

Growing up with a passion for country music, Abigail went on to tour worldwide as lead singer for traditional folk band Heron Valley. Whilst performing in various states throughout America, Abigail’s love for country music was reignited and inspired her to start writing her own country inspired material.

Abigail grew up in the sleepy village of Kilmun on the west coast of Scotland. Dealing with relationships was a tough task. This song is about finding connections with friends and loved ones. Finding security, drive and inspiration to help each other grow.

The music video is a throwback to Abigail’s youth. Being anxious about feeling judged while performing at a talent show in the local village hall. An exaggerated view of all the characters you meet and the fear you feel.

Abigail Pryde’s vocals and fiddle playing are joined on You are my Heart by Colin Macleod on Electric Guitar and Drums, Keith Morrison on keys. Keith also produced the single at his studio, Wee Studio on the Isle of Lewis.

Abigail, who is no stranger to recording in a studio environment, recorded the majority of You are my Heart at Wee Studio on the Isle of Lewis; an influential place that provided her with the escapism to write openly and creatively. Parts by Colin Macleod were performed in his home studio in Point, on the Isle of Lewis

Abigail said: “I have always recorded with my band Heron Valley, who are a traditional folk band, so recording something for myself has been really different. Firstly, due to the obvious genre differences but also because I’ve always had the support of five other people to make key choices, so it’s been a big change making decisions by myself on how I want the music to sound. I have really enjoyed the process and the musical independence recording the single has given me.”

Originally from rural Argyll, Abigail grew up with music very much at the heart of her family; learning fiddle from a young age whilst also being taught guitar and vocal stylings at home with her father. She joined Heron Valley in its infancy whilst also studying at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Junior School.

As well as touring extensively with Heron Valley, Abigail went on to graduate from The Royal Conservatoire University where she studied Scots Song and fiddle. Her unique music style and honest song writing make Abigail an exciting prospect for the Scottish music scene and You are my Heart a much-anticipated release.

The debut single was produced, recorded and engineered by Keith Morrison at Wee Studio on the Isle of Lewis in February 2021.

You are my Heart is available to download and stream at from all digital streaming sites.


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