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Emerging Folk Artist Daisy Chute is the Singer on Soundtrack to David Attenborough’s Current Series

Daisy Chute is an American-Scottish folk singer and songwriter. A banjo-wielding multi-instrumentalist, her musical roots are born out of her transatlantic heritage and she writes award-winning intelligent songs with stories, performing them with spine-tingling vocals & intricate instrumentation.

2021 has kicked off with an exciting start, with Daisy featuring as the solo singer on the soundtrack of the latest David Attenborough documentary 'A Perfect Planet' currently airing on BBC One every Sunday to a wide audience.

While her musical roots were born out of her Scottish/American heritage, Daisy has had forays and extensive training in both the jazz and classical genres. Her first album was a critically-acclaimed jazz record released at just age 15. Following encouragement from music legends like Mark Murphy and Sir Barry Gibb, she was enlisted shortly after to be a lead singer in Decca’s platinum-selling, brit-nominated classical group All Angels with whom she released 3 albums.

Fast forward to 2021, and you’ll find Daisy returned to her folk/americana roots and spending most of her time songwriting, selling out venues and festivals and recording for her own projects and countless soundtracks for films, TV shows and games like David Attenborough's A Perfect Planet and for bands like Radiohead and Two Door Cinema Club. She is also the co-founder of HEARD Collective - an artist collective who promote and support women in music, and the co-writer of COVEN - a gig theatre show about witches.

An award-winning artist, Daisy came first in the Coffee Music Project singer-songwriter competition with her song ‘London’s on Fire’ and her 5 most recent singles are being played in over 900 stores worldwide as Caffè Nero Artist of the Month.

Daisy has been busy performing both in the UK and abroad with tours to America (Nashville, New York, LA) and festival appearances including Glastonbury, Cornbury, Love Supreme, Black Deer and Summertyne and even had a debut in the Danny Boyle & Richard Curtis feature film 'Yesterday' as an onstage ukulele player at Wembley and vocalist on the soundtrack. As an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, Daisy performs either solo with guitar, banjo, ukulele and piano or with bandmates on double bass, pedal steel, drums, cello, fiddle and harp.


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