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Edmonton-Based Mallory Chipman Has Released A New EP 'As Though I Had Wings'

By Stevie Connor.

Mallory Chipman is an award-winning singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer from Treaty Six Territory in Canada. A true raconteuse, Chipman is revered for the way she artfully weaves story into song and expresses both power and vulnerability through her music.

The new track from Mallory Chipman, "Cradle Me", began as a songwriting experiment based on the melody of a Burrowing Owl call that Chipman heard while traveling in Southern Alberta. What unfolded was an entire EP's worth of music based on birdsong that is hitting the airwaves in May, with the stunning and energetic "Cradle Me" being the first single.

Genre knows no bounds within her catalogue, as she seamlessly traverses styles including folk, jazz, country, pop, rock, and experimental music. Alongside her solo folk music project, Chipman plays with art-rock band, Mallory Chipman & the Mystics, and alt-country outfit, The Goddamsels.

On May 5, 2023, Mallory released her latest album, an EP entitled As Though I Had Wings on Tunnel Mountain Records, which Amplify Magazine described as "some of the finest folk-rock currently being made".

Mallory Chipman's performance career is balanced by her work as a songwriter, arranger, producer, and music scholar.


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