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East Nashville-Based Caitlin Cannon Finalist In American Songwriter Competition Releases Single

By Pati deVries.

East Nashville musician, Caitlin Cannon, has released a new single that has been named a finalist in the American Songwriter Song Competition. A video for the track “Amarillo and Little Rock'' has been released.

“Amarillo and Little Rock” is a cathartic voyage from the Texas Panhandle to the deep south by car. A reflection on life’s experiences occurs when Cannon is pulled over by a state trooper who questions her sobriety. The paradox is revealed when she realizes breaking down is her path to self-actualization. Caitlin elaborates, “I was transporting the last of my belongings from Colorado to Nashville when I got pulled over somewhere between Amarillo and Little Rock. The officer gave me a ticket I couldn't cry my way out of. Well, I was crying for real after that, and I called a friend who asked where I was. He challenged me to write the song, and I think I had a verse/chorus by the time I crossed the Tennessee State line.”

“Amarillo and Little Rock” was recorded in Nashville, TN, at Music City Studio B. It was written and performed by Caitlin Cannon and produced and engineered by Misa Arriaga (Kacey Musgraves, Willie Nelson). Cannon sang and played acoustic guitar and glockenspiel. On fiddle, acoustic guitar, and backing vocals was Lillie Mae Rische (Brent Cobb). On electric guitar were Noah Bellamy and Adam Meisterhans, and playing pedal steel was Eddy Dunlap (The Opry Band). Misa Arriaga played bass, and Hershel Van Dyke (Elizabeth Cook) played drums.

The video for “Amarillo and Little Rock” was filmed and directed by Jesse Weeden and features Caitlin Cannon, Noah Bellamy, and Luke Munday.

Cannon’s critically acclaimed debut, The TrashCannon Album was named one of the “Most Essential Albums of 2020" by Saving Country Music and was awarded the rare 9.5 out of 10 rating and Two ‘Guns’ Up. Americana UK declared, “Cannon’s songs approach the tough side of life candidly and with humor; the tales she tells are full of authentic detail. Also, she shows here that she’s a top-class performer.” Following was the compelling Lucky Break (2021) from her duo-project Side Pony.

Leaning into her southern roots without succumbing to derivative arrangements and sonic qualities, Cannon is lighting up the songwriting community. She’s completed work on another full-length album, also produced by Misa Arriaga, which will see the light of day in the not-too-distant future.


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