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Dublin Based Singer-Songwriter Victoria Johnston Releases Debut Album ‘Where The Lights Glow'

By Anita Daly.

Dublin based singer-songwriter Victoria Johnston has released her debut album

Where The Lights Glow of all original songs including her single Tar Liom’ (Follow Me) that was shortlisted for Song of the Year at the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Victoria Johnston is an independent artist and her music has received television features and radio airplay across Ireland including on its prime national broadcaster RTÉ. Victoria has been interviewed and featured in Irish magazines and newspapers including Irish Tatler, Irish World newspaper, Irish Daily Star, The Sunday World, and RSVP magazine.

Victoria’s debut album encapsulates her music background as a classically trained musician and award-winning composer. Victoria’s distinctive signature vocals remain the focal point throughout, with emotive songs including themes of light, hope, positivity, loss and reflection.

On launching her solo career in 2020, Hot Press Magazine featured Victoria as ‘New Artist’ and ‘New Music’ to watch for. “The tunes turn out to be as impeccable as her credentials. She is already being hailed as the next Enya” – Hot Press Magazine. The album, was produced by legendary Grammy nominated producer Denis Woods (previously of Windmill Lane Studios, Clannad, AC/DC) and Kevin Corcoran (Villagers)

In speaking about her debut album Victoria , “Dreaming big, raising your expectations, moments of illumination, looking forward, reflecting on the past, resilience, encouragement, are all themes reflected in my songs on this album. If there is one defining message from the album, I hope it’s that the songs are an encouragement in remembering that you are a unique light in this world, so shine brightly!”

Victoria’s music background includes being classically trained at the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin from the age of 9 obtaining annual scholarships. She then continued her music training at the TUD Conservatoire in Dublin majoring in Composition.

Victoria also holds a MPhil from Trinity College Dublin in Creative and Cultural

In 2022 Victoria partnered with Irish charity Fields of Life to create and fundraise for a pilot music education program initiative called ‘Music for Life’ for 2 Fields of Life schools in Uganda. The fundraiser and pilot program were for the procurement of music instruments and a music education.



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