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Country Rapper, Justin Champagne Drops Swervin'

By Pati deVries.

Country rapper, Justin Champagne has dropped "Swervin'", the second in a series of singles that will be released this fall. "Swervin'" is the follow-up to Justin's heartbreaking video released in late August for "Number to Heaven" which debuted on and racked up 180,000 views since its release.

Justin, a huge fan of Tik Tok, posted a teaser for "Swervin'" and challenged his followers by saying that "When I reach 10,000 I'll put the song out for real." He was caught off guard when the clip hit the 10,000 mark in the first few hours. To the dismay of his fans, Justin then upped the ante to 100,000. The goal had been met and the song drops on October 9th. While "Swervin'" is enjoying its upward trajectory, the finishing touches are being put on an accompanying video that will be released in the coming weeks.

No stranger to viral success, songs like "Back Roads" and "Sun Goes Down" racked up millions of streams resulting in an organic buzz. Justin is as dumbfounded as anyone, "these songs just took off, they had a life of their own, no fancy marketing or influencers involved. Just real people reacting and sharing, I consider myself blessed." 

Justin grew up in New Iberia, Louisiana. His father passed away when he was six years old, leaving his mother to juggle two different jobs to help provide for the family. Her tireless work ethic inspired Justin, who started recording his first songs as a teenager. Everything changed in 2016 when Champagne wrote: "Sun Goes Down." Filled with hip-hop beats, countrified guitar riffs, soaring vocal hooks, and rhythmic rapping, "Sun" was the first song to embrace the full range of Justin's musical tastes. By combining a variety of different sounds together, he created something new: a boundary-breaking genre that showcased not only the depth of his influences, but also his versatility as a songwriter, storyteller, vocalist, and rapper. Unsurprisingly, the song became a hit, earning more than a million listens on Spotify and laying the foundation for a unique, trendsetting career. "Why do people need to stick to just one genre?" Justin asks. "I want to do it all at once, writing country songs with pop hooks where I can rap. I just put everything into one big pot and start cooking. People call it Country Rap, but it's just music, man. I wouldn't want to call it anything else."

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