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Colin Hay Releases Deluxe Edition Of 'Now And The Evermore' With 7 Previously Unreleased Tracks

By Stevie Connor.

Compass Records have released a deluxe edition of Colin Hay’s acclaimed 2022 album Now And The Evermore. The deluxe edition, titled Now And The Evermore (MORE), contains 7 unreleased tracks and features appearances by Ringo Starr, Gregg Bissonette, Jimmy Earl, Jim Hoke & more!

Says Hay, “Upon listening to these songs, which were part of the Now And The Evermore recording sessions, I am struck by a sense of yearning. For what is unclear, but the context is set within the fleeting nature of time, and the subsequent importance of the here and now. I think they deserve to run free.”

Written and recorded in Hay’s adopted hometown of Los Angeles and at Compass Sound Studio in Nashville, Now And The Evermore (More) celebrates life and love, and finding silver linings and reasons to smile through the challenges of recent times. The music brims with fanciful melodies and lush orchestration. Hay’s performances are likewise animated and full of life, drawing on vintage pop charm, pub rock muscle, and folk sincerity to forge a sound that’s at once playful and profound, clever and compassionate, whimsical and earnest. And the lyrics offer the listener a roadmap for confronting the challenges of our times, responding to pain with beauty and doubt with wonder.

Colin Hay stepped onto the international stage as the front man and principle songwriter for ‘80s Australian hitmakers Men At Work, becoming one of the recognizable vocalists in pop music with his soaring vocals, infectious melodies and pointedly quizzical lyrical outlook.

Classic songs like “Down Under,” “Overkill,” and “Who Can It Be Now?” unscroll like miniature movies, with timeless twists and a bittersweet sense of humor. That wry humor has stuck with Hay though his solo albums and projects, from his most recent solo release, to international tours as a member of Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band. A Hay-penned song (“What’s My Name”) not only made its way onto Starr’s 2019 album but also became the title track.


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