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Colchester Harbour Rediscover The Music They Listened To When They Were Teenagers

Colchester Harbour is what happens when three family members reach the age when they rediscover the music they listened to when they were teenagers. Suddenly faced with a lot of time on their hands in the spring of 2020, Tish Gaudio, Derek Harrison and Jef Harrison decided to finally make the kind of music they wanted to make when they were in high school. In tribute to their hometown, they would've called the band Harrow Fair, but it was already taken.

"Blossington Too" is a track-by-track reimagining of Derek Harrison's 2017 lo-fi folk album "Blossington". Swapping acoustic for electric guitars, passing lead vocals to his wife Tish and enlisting his brother Jef on the drum kit, "Blossington Too" inverts every choice made with the original. In the trio's hands, the reflective set of lyrical folk songs becomes a loud, joyful garage-punk outlet for their pent-up pandemic energy.

The brothers arranged the songs in isolation, sharing audio files between Kingston and Toronto without commentary. Taking cues from the "yes, and..." philosophy of improv, they let the music speak for itself and only ever built on each other's ideas (never changing or rejecting what the other brought to the table).

Born in Harrow, Ontario, Derek Harrison writes contemporary folk songs that pull from many traditions but retain a distinctly Canadian outlook. An accomplished multi-instrumentalist, his solo material showcases his lyrical songwriting and fingerstyle acoustic guitar.  His latest album, Blossington (released December 15, 2017), is a bluegrass-tinged collection of original songs recorded in the Bloor/Ossington neighbourhood of Toronto.

Based at times in Montreal, Toronto, Melbourne and various border towns, he has toured throughout Canada, Europe and Australia as a member of Krief, The Custom Outfit, Madeleine Leman and others. In 2014 he released his debut solo album, Dead & Gone, recorded with a 5-piece band in Montreal, and supported it with a tour of Eastern Canada and a stint as Via Rail's Artist-On-Board.

Relocating to Toronto in late 2014, he began working as a mandolinist and songwriter for The Old Salts, a five-piece folk-rock band founded in 2012 in East Toronto and contributed songs to their sophomore album Fisherman Jake (released Steptember 2018). During this time, he created and produced two seasons of I Quit My Job: A Podcast About Songwriting, interviewing working Canadian songwriters on their careers and craft. 

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