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Cilla Jane To Release 'Harley and Me' from New Album 'Roses'

Singer, songwriter Cilla Jane combines folk style guitar and enchanting vocals to create her captivating sound. Cilla lives a little outside Sydney, Australia and crafts beautifully evocative, edgy but melodic, songs. The first offering from the forthcoming Roses album is Harley and Me.

About the forthcoming single, Harley and Me, Cilla says "Harley And Me is the third song I have written about a bike. The first song was inspired by riding around Melbourne on a push bike, the second song about a ride on the back of a Harley and finally my latest version came from personal struggles and a strong visualization that formed in my mind of me on a Harley Davidson. A Harley that would take me towards freedom. It was an metaphor that I had to get right. A song that would encapsulate a woman on a Harley: her power and freedom. I love this song so much. It is very important to me because even though life was difficult I did transcend to find freedom, which is what I love about music. It did take me “through the dark and into the light”.

Cilla continues "I began working on the album ‘Roses' two years ago around this time in February. During that period I was reaching out for rock music in an attempt to hear and feel my pain translate into music. Ironically it was the day before Valentine's day and I was seeing a lot of roses. I started thinking about the way the rose had been used in rock music. Its beauty and alluring danger; a symbol of a tortured romantic soul. After buying myself a dozen red roses and sliding into my favourite black jeans I started working on the album. I wanted inflections of rock music, something that would resonate with all kinds and not be fixed in any one genre."

Roses' is about life, love and loss. It is for the beautiful people in our lives. An album that captures the essence of our journey. An album that captures the timelessness of love.


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