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Cape Breton Based Carleton Stone Releases New Single 'Papercut'

Based out of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in Canada, Carleton Stone, an award-winning artist, a songwriter with a growing list of credits, and a founding member of Port Cities, has recently added producer to his list of accomplishments.

Carleton has three solo records to his credit, multiple awards, and has toured internationally. An outstanding writer, Carleton has written songs for and with such diverse artists as Donovan Woods, Classified, Bobby Bazini, and Neon Dreams. Carleton’s producer debut was Willie Stratton’s “The Way She Holds Me,” and his fall will be jam packed with producing Willie’s new record, songs by Chudi Harris, and his own new solo release in June 2022.

"Papercut." Written with collaborators Mo Kenney and Kayleigh O'Connor, it's upbeat with a driving acoustic guitar part like a Tom Petty song, but the darker lyrics juxtapose the music. The title "Papercut" encapsulates the emotions of the character in this song – obviously not very happy with his current situation, he seems to be going through the motions in a life that isn't completely terrible, but just slightly painful and annoying like a "Papercut."


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