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Canadiana-Roots Artist Yael Wand Releases 'Navigate The Stars' From Upcoming Album

After a hiatus of a decade or so, Yael Wand is ready to bring her music back to the spotlight with her new single "Navigate By Stars" from her upcoming album "Saltwater Heartwood"

A lot happens over a decade in the life of songwriter and singer. A lot can change - children, home, creative focus - and yet the keen senses of the songwriter are always there, paying attention from below the surface of daily life.

Yael never purposefully put away her songwriting tools. But raising children, tending gardens, contributing to community, settling in a new town - these all have a way of circumventing the needs of the craft, while growing a full life. And despite all those distractions, which have tended to take precedence, Yael found occasional moments to write, documenting chapters and stories of a life unfolding.

A deep dive into Yael Wand’s life via a myriad of transitions which saw her through motherhood, various moves, and a creative hiatus - her new album is a testament to her drive, passion and incredible musicality. Staying true to her roots, Yael (pronounced Yah-Elle) continues to compose songs that showcase her effortless sensibility when it comes to blending the worlds of folk, jazz, roots and blues. The intensely personal and heartfelt subject of the new music, builds upon that and brings the listener into a sonic world of honesty and understanding.

“My original intention for this record was to record these songs as a bookmark of the transitions that I underwent over the past 10 years. Transitions of home and community, my role in life, my relationships, even my age,” says Wand. “In late 2019, I enlisted musicians and friends Alan Kerr and Christina Zaenker to help me. We drove up to Corwin Fox’s Hidden Well Studio in Cumberland, BC with the intent of creating a more or less, live off the floor album – quick, raw, rustic and authentic.”

Originally emerging on the Canadian folk scene in 2004. The BC Interior Music Award nominee established herself through repeat tours in western Canada and across Ontario, garnering both national and regional media attention. From her base (at the time) in Wells BC, she established her reputation one show at a time, and had audiences connecting to her stories of far off places, songs of life in the slow lane, and lulled by “the effortless beauty of her voice”.

At Your Door, Wand’s 2007 release garnered her radio play from coast to coast and press across the country and her third solo album, Good Stitch Gone (2009), produced by Corwin Fox, placed her squarely in the Americana genre without compromising either her free-spirited sound or her worldly sophistication. With brand new music on the horizon, Wand has her sights on reconnecting with fans in the communities she once frequented and igniting a renewed interest in her music through digital means.


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