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Canadian Three-Piece Metal Newcomers Thunderor Thrash Out With Killer New Single 'How We Roll'

From the heart of Canada, three-piece metal newcomers Thunderor thrash out with killer new single How We Roll.

The single heralds the arrival of the band's lightning hot album Fire It Up due for release 25/02/22. The 9-track project brings to life the dream of swapping casual formal and office shackles for leather vests and the open road in an 80s infused ode to adventure.

The songs on the album are meant to inspire a life journey – an adventure with friends, motorcycles, romance, danger, and victory. I hope it will be a soundtrack for your adventures.

Nowhere is this message clearer than on the band’s debut single How We Roll and its accompanying video. An old school approach to production guts quantized drums and pitch correction, instead boasting attitude in abundance and a return to the head-banging greats of 80s rock. Heavy metal’s hardest hooks smash with the glam of the most powerful synths for a single that for all its wicked screams and thunderous licks, has a heart rooted in friendship and adventure. Director Sehz Aulakh’s video captures this, showing the band taking to the great outdoors armed on their metal steads armed only with each other and devilishly good spirits.

The rocking romps at the heart of Thunderor’s work share an ideology that has come to define frontman, lead-singer/drummer, JJ Tartaglia. Beyond infusing the video with his motorcycle passion, Tartaglia’s love for the vehicles have seen him featured multiple times in Adventure Bike Rider. But for JJ, the call to adventure moves beyond a love of riding bikes and playing pinball (being a ranked International Flip Pinball Association player - yes, really). It is about following your heart - whether that’s leaving behind a life you knew, shooting a drum play-through at an illegal location (yes, again, really), yacht sailing, or grabbing the mic with your buddies and letting loose.

“I quit my day job, freeing me to go on tours and chase my dreams. Now I’m writing music to inspire others to do the same with big hooks, sing-along choruses, and stadium worthy anthems.”

Fans of the genre will recognize JJ and bandmate Jonny Nesta from the legendary Skull Fist which found international success rubbing shoulders with the likes of Michael Vescera and Larry Howe, and rocking out with audiences across Full Metal Cruise, Wacken Open Air, and more. Inspired by a drive to sing, Tartaglia worked away on vocals, drums, and keys before recruiting guitarist Nesta, and Oscar Rangel on bass to form Thunderor in 2020. Now primed with their debut album, the band are primed for their 28-show headlining UK tour, fuelled no doubt by electrifying riffs, dreamy synths, and pounding drums, and good times.


11.3.22 - Rockclub Nordbayern - Selb, Germany

12.3.22 - Divadlo Pod Carou - Pisek, Czech

13.3.22 - Bambi Galore - Hamburg, Germany

14.3.22 - Stengade - Copenhagen, Denmark

15.3.22 - TBA - Berlin, Germany

16.3.22 - Kasseturm - Weimar Germany

17.3.22 - Don't Panic - Essen, Germany

18.3.22 - Goldgrube - Kassel, Germany


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