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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Terra Lightfoot Releases 'Kept You In My Pocket' From Upcoming Album

By Stevie Connor.

On the heels of singles “Cross Border Lovers” and “Someone Else’s Feelings”, the celebrated songwriter and guitarist is sharing another track from her upcoming album, Healing Power, produced by Gus van Go.

Terra says the vibe on “Kept You In My Pocket” is “a little sassy. I love the guitar solo — it’s right in your face — and the whole song makes me feel like dancing! The lovely thing about my relationship with Gus is that I feel safe to try things vocally that I wouldn’t normally do. So I was able to try this wild and outlandish vocal in the chorus because of that. I quite like the sort of dark groove on this one, too. It’s not the usual sound for me in some ways.”

Healing Power Lightfoot showcases her considerable clout as a pop songsmith, delivering a dozen stunning tracks that together represent a career high. The album is her third outing with producer Gus van Go, and it is tribute to her creative ambitions and capacity that the collaboration is yet another quantum leap in her artistic development.

“There was a sense of freedom, both personally and creatively, that struck me while I was writing this record,” Lightfoot says. “Once I got back into the studio with Gus, having already made two records with him, there was an undeniable comfort and workflow that we just fell into. We are super-productive together in the studio. I also seem to get my best vocal takes with Gus behind the board. We built this record pretty quickly together with the band on call whenever we needed them.”

The album delivers the peerless pop-rock album that fans have long known that she always had in her. The set captures the crackling chemistry of the core live trio — most of the album finds Lightfoot backed by bassist Elijah Abrams and Blue Rodeo’s Glenn Milchem on drums. This compact and capable team of players reinforces the strengths of Lightfoot's remarkable material. From hand-clapping head-turner “Cross Border Lovers” through the cinematic ballad “Out Of Time” that closes it, Lightfoot’s artistic range is again on full display, and her musical talents never short of dazzling. A buoyant pop-rock record at its core, Healing Power is a prismatic tour de force from the charismatic rocker.

The infectious single is only the latest in what fans will agree has been a remarkable career. And to describe her decade-plus musical evolution as astonishing is something of an understatement. Along the way, Lightfoot's marathon tours have touched down in eight countries across four continents (including support slots for Bruce Cockburn, Blue Rodeo, Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Posies, The Sheepdogs, and Willie Nelson). She also conceived, created, curated, produced and co-headlined The Longest Road Show, an all-female touring revue. In October 2020, Lightfoot released Consider the Speed, recorded by Grammy Award winning producer Jay Newland at Memphis' legendary Royal Studios. In early 2022, Lightfoot launched her own label, Midnight Choir, with a cover of Leadbelly’s “Where Did you Sleep Last Night?” and fan-favourite original composition, “Sleepyhead”, covered by Sarah Blackwood of Walk Off The Earth.



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