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Canadian Singer-Songwriter Matthew Holtby Announces The Release Of His Latest Single 'Big Mouth'

Photo Credit: Bryan Reid Photography.

Matthew Holtby, hailing from Warkworth, Ontario, Canada, has been honing his craft as a songwriter and performer for nearly two decades, producing original and emotive music that strikes a chord with audiences.

Recently embarking on a new adventure as a solo artist, he has channeled his influences from the music he grew up with into his latest collection, featuring songs and stories that touch on themes of love, loss, and redemption.

Holtby is excited to announce his latest single, “Big Mouth.” His first release of the year celebrates his love for a catchy chorus, featuring big guitar riffs and a haunting pedal steel. It’s available now wherever you stream great music.

His music has been gaining recognition, with his track "This Old Heart" being picked up for rotation on CBC, and his latest single "Big Mouth" being released on April 21st. Matthew's music continues to resonate with listeners, as he pours his heart and soul into every performance.

The former frontman of band's like The Coachlites, Say Ritual and The Champion Heartache is taking things in a new direction by releasing new music using his own name.

A former Announcer in the Broadcasting Industry, Holtby was an On Air Personality for stations in Oshawa and Peterborough before venturing into music full time. He now resides in a quiet little town surrounded by rolling hills, in a community of artists and musicians alike.

The Official Video was shot at the beautiful Biltmore Theatre in Oshawa.


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