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Canadian Rising Pop Artist Jade LeMac Commences New Chapter With Latest Single 'Got Me Obsessed'

By Stevie Connor.

Canadian rising pop artist Jade LeMac commences a new chapter with her latest single release “Got Me Obsessed”.

Jade speaks on the track that “‘Got Me Obsessed’ is about the excitement of beginning a new relationship, and all the intense emotions that come along with it. Every single thought is consumed by them and there isn’t anything or anyone you crave more. I wrote this in that time of a new relationship and it felt so overwhelming and exciting I wanted to convey that intensity in a song.”

Jade commenced the year with her debut EP Constellations, which has since garnered an impressive 50M+ streams and much critical acclaim. Ones To Watch raved about the EP stating, “Everything about Constellations confirms what we already know. She’s a terribly impressive artist with depth and unique perspectives, but what it really uncovers, like a night drive into a star-lit expanse, is how limitless her creative journey might be.”

Jade LeMac naturally exists outside of any boxes, and it’s instantly apparent in her distinct sound and music. At only 19 years old, the Vancouver-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist uses her creativity to unite the world of storytelling and music in a unique and captivating way, far beyond her years. She takes pride in her half-Asian heritage and connection to the 2SLGBTQ+ community, both of which have profoundly shaped her capacity to transcend the boundaries between genres.

Her upbringing within a close-knit, multicultural family on Canada’s Vancouver Island provided unwavering support for all facets of life, particularly her music and songwriting. By middle school, she was writing songs of her own and featuring on various dance singles when she started to attract a following on Instagram.

Throughout 2020, Jade harnessed the power of TikTok, amassing 1.2 million followers and 51M+ likes. During 2021, she unveiled her debut single “Constellations,” an unorthodox love song, likening “the freckles on a body to constellations.” The independent release shined with over 20+ million cumulative streams and counting. She carried this momentum through with her following indie releases, eventually inking a deal with Arista Recordings in 2022, where she released her first EP “Constellations” in February of 2023, paying homage to the song that catapulted her journey.

GLAAD championed her among “10 LGBTQ Women in Music to Listen to this Pride Month,” featured in Teen Vogue, and she’s received praise from Ones To Watch, Diva Magazine, Pride, Popdust and more. Now, in 2023, Jade releases her track “Got Me Obsessed” via Arista, with more music on the horizon.



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